Happy Birthday, Jane ;o)

PurplemoonApril 25, 2012

Jane, here's wishing you a great day and many more to come,

Luv, Karen

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Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, Jane!!!
Are able to get around any better?

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Marlene Kindred

Happy, happy Birthday Jane! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday. Did you get any dishes for presents?

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Jane, wishing you a Happy Birthday.


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Thank you Ladies...
Had a nice day...I only wish the weather were nicer.
Tonight DH & DD surprised me with a Pizza Party & Cake
with my Dad & the GrKids.

Nana...Thanks for asking...I getting around a little better now.
I'm on my third leg cast. This one looks like something out of
'Star Wars' which impressed the Gkids..lol
Two more weeks and then hopefully, I graduate to a foot cast..Yippee!

OA...DH took me to GW a few days ago and I got some nice
Blue Dishes & a nice print for over the Fireplace.
I'm itiching to play with my dishes again.

Thanks again everyone..

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Oh jane, good news on your healing! Keep up the good work...you sound great! Glad you got to GW & sounds like you scored some pretties, too.

Happy Birthday to you, my friend! Here's a card I've sent before but it seems to fit you! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeanne...and I do LOVE the card!

I am doing better which is a relief and it was fun
doing some GW shopping. I got another pretty framed print
for the Spring/Summer months to put over the fireplace.
It's called 'The Goose Girl'.
Thought of you when I got it.
Not that you're a goose girl...lol - but that it's the same type of prints we like.

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Shopping in a "Star Wars" leg cast....nothing keeps a good woman down!!!
I think we need to see a photo of this cast, sounds interesting! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Guess I"m the one to have to say belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I thought I posted on this last night, but my computer froze up when I tried to send it. I thought it went, but I guess it is out there for you to find in outerspace( maybe you Starwars cast will help find it,Ha. I am so glad that you had a good day and that you are feeling better. Recovery takes time. My DGD found a white turkey gravy boat the other day atGW and bought it for me. It tickled me that she knew Granny would like it. I think DD and DGD are both developing a affection for dishes. That makes it a lot more fun for me. Take care, Jane and keep improving. A Big BD hug, even if it is late! Janet

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Thank you Janet...I was going to post a Happy Birthday
to you too, but read that Karen made a 'blooper' !!
(sorry karen)...lol
You can be sure Janet that we'll ALL be ready
for your Birthday come October ...lol

Karen...I'll post the Star Wars cast on a seperate 'OT'
post....just for fun.


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I've been in Sedona for a week, so tardy to the party.
Glad you had a good day and also glad that the dishes are blue and not you!!
Happy Belated Birthday and many more!!


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OY, I am late! I don't know how I could forget, same day as my nephew who was killed when he was 18!
I am so sorry, but I wish you a very happy, HEALTHY year!

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