Getting urine smell out

michie1April 29, 2004

How do I get the urine smell out of clothes or sheets created by accidents during potty training? Regular laundering doesn't quite do it. Most of the things are colors so I need to wash in cold water. So far I've used detergent & fabric softener & either mistoline or fabuloso for a perfume smell, but it doesn't always work.

Same question for other things. I have her mattress covered with a plastic mattress cover & I usually wipe it down with fantastik - still leaves an odor behind. I've even tried using the liquid used for pet odors - it's an enzyme neutralizer & that doesn't completley work either.

My daughter must have potent pee!


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Marcia Thornley

I work at a janitorial supply company. We sell a product specifically for the removal of urine odour. It is an enzyme product containing live bacteria that digests the bacteria in the urine causing the odour. You simply spray or saturate the area and keep it moist for 24 hours or with carpet use an extractor. It works on fabric or hard surfaces. Try looking in the phone book under janitorial supplies and give them a call. I'm sure there are many different brands.

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24 hrs?! And to think I was getting annoyed b/c it took my daughter's quilt 2-1/2 hrs. to dry. I usually need to get them back on her bed before bedtime the same day, although with clothing I do have the 24 hrs.

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Hmmmm, no idea other than a little anecdotal evidence-- I had the same problem with one of mine, but then the ped suggested giving him more water to drink, alwaqys having a sippy cup of icy cold (his fave) water for him. Once he started drinking a lot more, his pee was much less concentrated and did not smell or stain so strongly! Also, his pottying really got easier and better b/c he could practice much more frequently-- another unexpected benefit. I really thought at the time that it would mean MORE accidents and MORE to clean up, but somehow it really speeded up the whole process and certainly is healthier for him. Just a thought! It worked for me!

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I had a problem with cat urine on a duffel bag that my son left in the shed for over a year. I had just found a new product and decided to try it. I put the bag in the washing machine, poured the solution on it and let it sit overnight. The next morning I filled the washer tub and did laundry as usual and we are still using the duffel bag today. I use this on clothes, in the car, on the carpet, anywhere I need to and no one has had any bad reaction to it and the smell is quite nice. It is Odo-Ban. I got it from Sams Club. It is about $10 a gallon. For urine purposes I dont dilute it. I know a friend uses it on her granddaughters potty chair.

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Nature's Miracle. If it works on kitty pee it should work on kiddie pee! YOu can get it at any pet supply store. Or is that what you've already tried? hmmm...when my boys pwere potty training (eons ago--they are in HS an college now) I used to wash even the dark stuff in hot water--yeah, it faded, but at least it didn't smell--and I always added vinegar to the rinse water. My mom told me it would neutralize the urine...worked on diapers, that I know! (Yes, my kids wore cloth diapers. AND I laundered them.) If you don't want totry the hot water, do try the vinegar.

good luck!


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Use detergent and Washing soda or baking soda in the wash.

Also, the tip about giving them more water to drink really helps.

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Mom uses vinegar as replacement for fabric softener, on my Grandma's soiled clothes from the nursing home, which have strong odor of urine.

Note that extra additives actually can prevent the clothes from rinsing well, which is key to removing the odor-causing soil.

The vinegar acts as a souring agent, and goes a long way to ensuring the odor is truly neutralized, and that the clothes are rinsed as well as possible in the final cycle.

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I second Nature's mirical for wiping down the mattress cover....but it's expensive.
Wash the clothing in at least warm water....I can't imagine that clothing well washed with detergent even in cold water still smells! I raised 2 kids on cloth diapers and never had anything smell after washing. Which would you rather have....bright colored clothing smelling of urine...or slightly faded clothing that is clean?
I wash my deep colored towels in hot water and notice no difference in color....also my dark green linen napkins, bright colored kitchen towels etc. By the time you would notice a color loss the clothes will be outgrown.
And....fabric softener contains quartenary ammonium salts which neutralize odors.
Linda C

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OK the 24 hr cleaner I won't use - takes way too long.

Vinegar I haven't used & I don't know why. I have used it on my husband's work clothes in the Summer when they get very stinky & it's work better than not using it so I might try that. I guess I can also try the baking soda too, although I doubt that is strong enough to do the trick.

As far as drinking more water, if she drank water she'd be swimming. She drinks so much as it is. I almost can't believe how much urine comes out of her when she does pee -whether it be in the toiet or an accident on my flr. Don't get me wrong she doesn't have MANY accidents but those she has or those little drips just before she goes potty are what's giving me the most problems. I also know I am very picky about laundry & my nose must be very sensitive.

I might try buying nature's miracle, altough basically the product I am using now b/c they didn't have natures miracle when I went to buy it at Petco is the same concept - I have 3 dogs so I've had my share of experience with housebreaking them or accidents when they've been sick, but I guess maybe one brand is better than another & worth a try.



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I'd get a washable fabric waterproof mattress cover and ditch the plastic sheet all together! I have one on my daughter's bed and I just throw it in the washing machine. Paid about 30 bucks for it at a department store and it washes up just fine.

With your cotton whites, use Tide with Bleach. I've never had a problem with stains or residual odor.

I would also only put her in clothing or use sheets that can be washed in warm water until she passes this phase. I use Cheer with Colorguard. My daughter has a sheet set that is bubblegum pink and there has not been dramatic fading.

I'm from the "if it doesn't survive, I don't need it club". I've got two kids and I don't have time to baby my own clothing, let alone theirs. Why not put this stuff on the back burner and get some linens and clothing that can take more of a beating during the wash? And with anything that is sensitive or precious, get it in cold water and wash it immediately.


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Try adding a cup of ammonia to your wash water (do NOT also add bleach). it makes moldy towels smell just fine and i have used it on many many things. have even gotten out old berry stains by putting detergent right on the stain and then adding the ammonia. I would be surprised if it did not work on your problem. it is cheap too.

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Nature's Miracle is wonderful, and even though it is expensive, sometimes it is the only thing that works. A friend has a cat with an anxiety spraying problem, so I've seen it work.

Try adding a cup of borax to the wash water, that might help too. Urine contains ammonia, and I have read that it won't get that particular smell out. (I don't use ammonia, so I don't know what it will and won't do personally.)

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Odor Mute Concentrate from Ryter Corp in MN. I've been using it for years for my dogs and use it for my son's potty accidents too. It is an enzymatic cleaner.

I buy it by the pound and use about 2 a year. It is really cheap! About 13 a pound and each makes about 250 GALLONS of solution.

I do have to say that for one of my dogs, if his urine sat too long on carpet, it was hard to get the smell out even with Odor Mute. But I would do it first with that and then use Oxi Clean and that did the trick. I use an extractor to clean up with.

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There's a product similar to Nature's Miracle called Simple Solution. It's about half the price, and does a fine job.

I've found that it's also quite helpful in removing those nasty yellow perspiration stains from the underarms of my 100% cotton dress shirts.

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I have used Nature's Miracle in the past for household stains and pet stains and it does an excellent job.

I did notice Simple Solution at the local Petsmart and noted most of the same ingredients the only difference being the type of enzyme that was used I believe Nature's Miracle was listed as natural enzyme and Simple Solution was a Bacterial enzyme if I remember correctly. Both were fairly comparable in price at this location, I think it was like a $1 difference. I passed on trying the Simple Solution as I hadn't heard too much about it.

I believe one of these two brands also has an outdoor product to use for lawns to remove female dog urine which is the worst and leaves brown spots in the lawn, although when the lawn regenerates it comes back a beautiful dark green.

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I always used the concentrated Lysol (Just a bit), that got rid of the Urine odors. Sprayed it on the plastic matress pad too.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Amonia is a definate no-no on urine. As Greenlady states, you'd be adding amonia to amonia. Vinegar has been my choice because it actually chemically neutralizes the urine.


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Nature's Miracle is pricey, but not unreasonable and gets the smell out ENTIRELY. You just wet/soak the product, and then let it air dry. It's during the natural drying process that they enzyme's work on neutralizing the odors. Odor is gone forever.

I've had cats my whole life, and this is the only thing that works. I purchased at local pet store (Pet World), they sell in gallon size jugs.

Most other commercial products, like Lysol, will just mask the odor. Also, Lysol is very toxic for the home environment. Do a google search on Lysol and cancer. Ajax is another no-no. I'd never use this stuff in or near my home. Go to for more info on safe home products.

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Hmm, I wonder if this would work the guinea pig cage. I use vinegar now.

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Getting urine smell out of bedding is just a matter of using the correct product. Detergent and spot removers will remove the yellow but not the odor. You need to neutralize the urea salt that has bonded to the fabric. OdorXit has the stuff that works but you will have to find it your self.

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When my daughter was in the toilet training stage, she fell asleep on an upholstered chair and had an accident. Natures Miracle and lots of fresh air solved the problem. We still own the chair and she is 18 years old.

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After 4 kids (and 3 large dogs), I am sure that just about every piece of furniture in our house has had some sort of accident on it at one time or another. You sure can't tell by looking or smelling though!

For urine stains and smells on clothing, you need something with enzymes to remove them. Use a good detergent with enzymes, such as Wisk or Sears Stain-fighting Plus or any of the others out there! Use vinegar as your fabric softener.

Use WARM water to wash your DD's clothing. Fabric companies have made many strides in fabric over the years and colors rarely fade like they used to. Most of the time you don't even have to worry about reds fading like a person did a few years ago. I am sure you won't notice any difference in the colors of your DD's clothing by washing in warm water.

I didn't use a waterproof mattress pad on my kids' beds. I took a large trash bag and cut it down the sides and laid it out on the bed before I put the sheet on. If one of them had an accident, I just threw the trash bag away. One less worry!

I use a oxygen cleaner mixed with warm/hot water to get smells and spots out of furniture and carpet. Works wonders. Even on smelly puke spots or urine spots that one of our Boxers likes to leave. I put it in a small spray bottle, spray it on, let it set, blot it off with a clean cloth. Repeat until the spot is gone. When the spot is gone, so is the smell.

Good luck!! I know how frustrating it can be at times, just remember that it doesn't last forever!!

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White vinegar (don't worry about the smell it will dissipate upon drying) on the mattress and Totally Toddler Nursery Stain remover for the sheets. My son still has the occasional accident and this is how I get it out. The Totally Toddler is great for removing pee stains and odors. It got a cat stain (dried) out of my daughter's white sweatshirt.

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I have 9 dogs. We don't want to talk about what happens. Surprisingly, not often, does.

I use Odorcide. Google it. Great product and not too expensive.

I've tried every method out there and most are pure crap. Anything with Vinegar just smells like vinegar. To me, vinegar starts to smell like urine.

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I have 5 kids and 1 of them is a bedwetter. Her clothes smelled of urine and her blankets as well. I washed her laundry with a mild detergent and added 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse water. It worked! Her laundry smelled great! Totally killed the urine stank! I went to costco and bought a 13lb bag of baking soda and 2 gallons of vinegar for under $10. I also used them for white clothes which came out brighter than when using clorox. It's quick, easy, and affordable (best part).

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Try a product called "Nokout". I get it online. It is wonderful. My son works in a commercial Hog house where there are a thousand hogs and believe me when i tell ou his clothes and boots wreak when he comes home. I launder the clothes with this product and spray the leather boots with it. It works everytime. Go to or try google to search. You won't be sorry.

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I personally use the baking soda...all I do is put the clothes in the wash, with the washing detergent and sprinkle quite a bit of the baking soda into the washer with the detergent...about a 1/2 - to a cup of the baking wonders!!! It gets out all kinds of odors including urine! I have 3 kiddos under the age 4 so I use it often! :) Also, my husband does spray foam installation and sweats alot and it soaks his clothes and it on that too! I haven't found an odor that it doesn't get rid of! Plus I find it less expensive than alot of products!

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Cider Vinegar!

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There is a really great,safe,natural, green soap called "Charlie's Soap". I don't think you can buy it in stores, it's sold on the web only. They have a website Charlies Soap dot com or you can buy thru Ebay. It neutraizes both urine and feces. I use it in my laundry-I have an older husband with both urine and bowel problems. Use just two tablespoons per load. If you add more, it makes so much suds it overflows. and as I remember it's not cheap. Expensive but worth it.

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My ex roommate and her stupid little dog are long gone, but the "remains" of her dog still remain. So, my male cat decided he better mark the area of new carpet in the corner of the LR....So I pulled up the new dark grey carpet, took the section of soiled padding out, new tack strip down ...tried the peroxide,baking soda and vinegar...while it did help getting the stain up the smell still remains...went to PetSmart, purchased another litter box, unscented litter and a spray bottle of Natures Miracle..I am still spraying, wet vacing up...stain is still coming through the back of the carpet when I vac...just going to continue this until stain is completely gone...Carpet cleaner is coming on Wed. so hopefully, between the both of us, we will get rid of this nasty smell.

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Krud Kutter.

Sold at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart...

(You can also start with Spot Shot--this got red paint out of cream carpet for me, but it has a strong chemical smell; if you have urine in hardwood floors, Out!--usually found at Wal-Mart--works well.)

It works on just about everything...except oil spills on concrete. I am a Jane-of-All-Trades (art, construction, automotive, anything, everything) and incredibly messy. Krud Kutter is amazing for laundry stains--removes blood, right before your eyes, with just a quick squirt. It doesn't bleach items AND is eco-friendly. I never dilute the stuff because I just like to go strong the first time around, but it IS a concentrated formula.

I have a 12-year-old chihuahua that just loves to hike his leg on everything, and he also doesn't like to drink a lot of water; so, his urine is POTENT. I've used Krud Kutter on the diapers I now make him wear as well as in the carpet cleaner, and it is amazing.

Best two cleaning products ever: Krud Kutter (comes in several iterations--I like the Tough Task) and Magic Eraser

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I use either Listerine or peroxide in the wash water. Peroxide also works well on carpets and floors. It also works quickly and you can let it air dry. Listerine not only takes out odors, it makes your laundry smell fresh. I recommend using the brand name Listerine. It is a little stronger.

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I know you don't like product names used but if you want to get rid of urine odors there are not a lot of choices. OdorXit Concentrate is the choice for babies, adults, pets, etc. on fabric, floors, dirt. It just works.

Where to get it.

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I don't have an answer for you as I've never had that problem. I read something about the colors of bedding can affect your sleep and I certainly does mine. My last sheets colored sheets were burgundy and I got tired of them. I stopped using all the pillows, comforters and such and went to totally white sheets, white wash cloths and underwear. I slept a lot better after the change. Having white may sound boring but I can launder them all in hot water with Purex Triple Action laundry soap. They come out so white and fresh and gives me a clean feeling. With colored sheets I never felt that way.

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