Belated Happy Birthday, Janet

PurplemoonApril 25, 2012

I am really sorry for missing your birthday on the 22nd, I hope your birthday was as lovely as your are... but that's wishing the impossible!

luv, Karen

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I hope you had a great birthday, Janet

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Marlene Kindred

Add my belated wishes as well....I don't know when anyone's birthday is. I hope you had a great day!

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Janet, I guess, better late than never. So glad Karen is keeping up on the BDay's for us.


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Karen, Nana, Marlene and Punk, You all are such wonderful friends and I thank you so much for thinking of me... but please no apologies for being late . You were really early. My birthday is Oct.15.. Talk about surprised when I checked the forum tonight, but it really made me feel good to know that I have such great friends who were thinking of me. It made me forget for a little while what a horrible week I have had with DH. I love you all bunches, Janet

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Well I feel like a complete Idiot. I went back and checked my calendar and discovered its another Janet's birthday (a Facebook friend). I am so sorry for the mix-up on things. What can I say, I'm apparently drugged up with all the fool pills...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Janet, I am at least glad to know it helped a tiny bit that we were thinking of you when you've had a horrid week with your DH. Sounds like you needed some good thoughts and hugs. I hope things settle down a bit so you can catch your breath. Taking care of a loved one is so exhausting in all respects.

I will try to check back later, can't sit for long as the neck pain has been horrendous today and I've mostly had to lay down. Glad I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow to check it.

hugs, Karen

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LOL! You gals are the bomb!!! Happy early b'day, Janet...or may 'late' b'day...that may be a closer date! Jeanne S.

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Well, Happy May!! LOL

WE are all sending you positive thoughts and support for what you are going through right now!

(((((Group Hug)))))

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Well, in case I forget, happy early Birthday! LOL

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