Is UVA Mosquito Killer Bad For Your Health?

borVACApril 4, 2013

It seems this summer will bring a lot of mosquitoes to my house and that's why I plan on getting mosquito killer - the device with 2 lamps and UAV lamp that you hang next to your window. I uploaded picture to show you what appliance I am talking about.

However I have read that mosquito killer with ultra violet lamp is bad for your health and I wonder how bad it can be. I heard that watching UVA is not good but didn't find the explanation why would it be so. The appliance is said to be 30% more effective with UVA lamp than without it.

Any ideas as to why would UVA be bad for health?

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Are you perhaps thinking about UV from sunlight?

And, will this unit be a substitute for tv in the summer where you will be watching bugs get zapped hours at a time?

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Is is the UV you are worried about, or all the exploded mosquito carcasses spread around the room?

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I suppose the ultra violet light might cause the same effect as a sunburn after enough time at very close range. If I wanted such a gadget, I would consider a screen for the area where it is mounted and limit my exposure behind the screen. I'm not sure UV attracts mosquitos, but if it doesn't do a perfect job you will still have a few coming in an open window. Or are you trying to attract them after they have already gotten in? In that case you couldn't use a screen. We used to have a problem before the county set up a mosquito control board and pretty well wiped out the breeding grounds. When we had them we use a towel to smack them when one or two got in.

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