Cascade etching dishes?

beaglencApril 29, 2012

I have two sets of Corelle dishes and have noticed within the past few months on the plates and bowls clear streaks all over them. It doesn't appear to be scratches, maybe etching? One set is several years older but markings appeared at the same time on both.

About six to nine months ago I started using Cascade complete action packs. So I'm guessing that is the cause. I really like the way it cleans and no white powdery film is left behind. Have any of you had this problem?

Is finish quantum better or would I get the same results?

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I used Cascade for decades, and then I started having problems with cloudiness. The dishwasher repairman suggested I switch to Finish Power Ball and the problem went away. Cascade has changed its formula.

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Unfortunately, most dw detergents have had to be reformulated due to government regulations about phosphates. I don't think any of them work the way they used to. Don't try to wash anything aluminum in your DW these days--it turns dark and has a dark residue on it.

And Finish Powerball? I was using that for a while, until I noticed a horrid red residue on the bottom of my DW. It's gunky and hard to remove, and once you get rid of it, it comes back (I'm assuming there's residue in some of the pipes/hoses). Apparently comes from the little red ball thingy.

A while ago, I was in WalMart, was feeling expecially frugal that day, so I picked up a big square box of their own brand of DW packs. Best detergent I've used in quite a while, and a LOT cheaper than any of the others. I'm planning on continuing to use it

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Thanks for the replies. I'm still puzzled as to why it's just my plates and a few bowls that are etched.

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I have used Cascade for years. I would have to scrub the coffee cups every few months because of stains. Our Costco quit carrying the Cascade liquid, so I reluctantly tried the Kirkland gel. The cups are perfectly clean with no scrubbing. Everything else comes out great. The price is right also. I now wish I had changed over years ago.

Dale P

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I know a woman who is an appliance repair person and she said you have to leave some food on the dishes. Dishwasher detergent is designed to remove the food and, if there is no food, it can etch your dishes.

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I've read that any dishwasher detergent works best in HOT water. It was suggested to run the tap at the sink next to DW until HOT, then start your dishwasher. That way it fills with HOT water and supposedly the detergent will work and rinse better.

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