How much distance from front of sink to counter edge?

raehelenApril 15, 2013

Finalizing plans to give to carpenter to build vanity. My counter top will be 25" deep (vanity is 24"--to efficiently use teak plywood 4' X 8' sheet). Visible part of undermount sink is 11 3/8" deep X 19 1/4" long. I may be using the granite as a backsplash (not certain), so want to allow the 1" in back for that. DH thinks I should just centre sink both ways in counter, so there will be about 6.5" in front, and 6.5" in back. We are having an all-drawer vanity built, so he wants to maximize storage space, but I'm worried 6.5" back from front edge may be too far for sink...

Have spent all night scouring the internet, but haven't found any definitive answers... Is there something I'm missing, is it obvious where to put the sink?

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I'd do 5" max from front of sink to edge of countertop. 4-5" is typically standard. Part of the issue is the countertop is so deep. 6.5" from th eedge and you are having to lean waaaay over to wash hands, brush teeth, wash face, etc. You can pick a nice faucet that's on the " chunky" side with all the extra space behind the sink & think hoe easy it will be clean back there!

Hope this helps!

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You also want to allow plenty of room at the back for your faucet set, so it doesn't have to overhang the basin too far. If you have kids, reaching all the way to the back of a 25" counter to turn the water off is quite a stretch! Plus, the space at the back is functional -- you can put a soap dish, etc., back there. MDH is right; 4" is much better than 6".

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Thanks for the response Ladies! I am thinking now, it'll be somewhere between 4-5 inches. Chibimimi, yes, I have kids, but they're all grown, and really wouldn't ever be using my Master bath sink...when I was researching this topic, came across an article that implies no one is building short vanities anymore, cuz your kids are kids for such a short time...and you can use stools till they get taller!

Thought I was just about done with major decisions (where to put the sink is a major decision, right? :>), and today after creating a spread-sheet for expenses so far, made a to-do list, and I still have EIGHT more major things to buy/decide upon! Yikes!

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