dyson beater bar problem

precisionmikeApril 23, 2006

i have a dyson 14 complete... about 6 months old... when we switch from bare floor to carpet on the head, we get a loud grinding grating noise... the belt appears to be ok, i can move the beater bar by hand, but when it is in "carpet" mode it doesn't turn, it just screams? any ideas for what to look at without voiding any warranties (i'm trying to avoid taking it back to the store for a repair...) thanks.

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If you've taken off the plastic cover part to fully inspect the bar and there are no peices of dental floss or anything else that may be causing an obstruction, you might have to get a new one.

My mom has a DC14 Animal that started doing that after it was a week old. Thankfully, they just gave her a new one right then and there. I've thankfully never had that happen with my DC14 and if my hunch is currect, based on various reports, some of the earlier production runs of the DC14 were more prone to this failure than the later runs.

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thanks... i took it apart again last night, didn't see anything, put it back together... turned it on and it made it's screaching and grinding sound, for about a second, then it stopped making noise and now it works just fine... there must be something small somewhere in the "works" jamming things up... i'm going to take it back for a fix or repair.

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I have a dyson also - it said somewhere in my packaging or I read it somewhere else (sorry I cannot remember) but the noise you're talking about is likely from the carpet getting sucked up too far into the beater bar. It only happens with mine if I vacuum an area rug that is not very heavy. Our heavy area rugs hold their own against it because it doesn't suck them up into the beater bar too much. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact verbage but I believe that noise is just a warning and nothing is falling apart or eating itself inside:)

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Hi! I had the same problem, plus I could barely push the darned thing. I called Dyson and they had me remove something (sorry I can't remember what) from the beater bar area and -hey presto- perfect! The cause was that my rugs were too thick and once the piece was removed we have had no problem. The folks at Dyson were helpful and walked me through the process. Good luck! Jenny

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thanks all, problem resolved with a trip to the repair center and a new 'head' for my cleaner.

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I found the fix for the dc 33. Open up the cover to the beater bar. look at the cover. You will see many small triangles. Look very closely for a small rubber strip that runs along the edge where the triangles are. It is kinda hard to see. Once you find it remove it. Now on the vacuum itself there is another strip. This strip is very similar but a little longer. Remove that strip. No more shag noise whalla. The perfect Dyson!

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