My laundry detergent is now a ''better value''

albert_135April 2, 2011

I purchased my usual brand of size of laundry detergent and notice the box said "Better Value". I examined the box and everything else was the same except the net weight. The ''Better Value" had 4oz less in the box. Apparently it is a ''better value'' for the manufacturer.

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Sounds like something you should send into Consumer Reports. They put cute little things like that on the inside back cover.

Or if you're feeling ornery, how about contacting your local investigative/consumer news reporter.

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I remember when I had 2 babies eating baby food. All of a sudden Gerbers or Beechnut (not sure which) down-sized the jars of baby foods. They called them the new "Finish It All Up" size. I should have sent it to Consumers Reports. I still giggle about it, twenty years later.

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