How long do bathtubs last?

legallinApril 3, 2012

Recently bought a home built around 1989-1990 and will redo the guest bath (new vanities, sinks, faucets, toilet, tile, etc.). The bathtub seems in OK condition, although it is bone or some sort of tan (would prefer white). Not sure what kind or quality -- it is a typical built-in 5' tub. One one hand, it seems silly to tear out a perfectly good bathtub. On the other, it seems silly to do a total remodel and NOT to put in a new tub. What would you suggest?

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New baths can come with 25 year guarantees always check with the manufactuerers though as they change. Personally i wouldn't do a bathroom remodel and not replace the bath. The new suite will be in white so a tan bath will detract from a modern bathroom design. I would say remodel the whole suite including the bath.

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"One one hand, it seems silly to tear out a perfectly good bathtub."

Sell it or donate.

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agree with the above posters--definitely change the tub and donate the one you have now. If there's no organized Habitat ReStore or something like that in your neighborhood, try craigslist. We got rid of a green tub with holes in it with multiple requestors in about 10 minutes. We were going to use it as an ironic garden bed but then said ugh and let other people take it for their yard. Good luck with your remodel!

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Thanks! Appreciate the input. That was pretty much what I felt, but it will help to show DH who may be more difficult to convince!

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