cleaning tar off of vinyl floor

marian-mApril 10, 2007

Can anyone give me a solution for cleaning tar off a vinyl floor? The road in front of our home is "tar and chipped" and the residue is getting tracked into the house on shoes. My vinyl floor in our mudroom has specks of tar that just won't scrub up. I don't know of a product that will clean the tar without damaging the floor. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

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Did you try using a Mr. Clean Magic Sponge?


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Goof off or WD 40

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The WD-40 works like a charm! Thank you!

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I was going to suggest WD 40 or skin so soft by avon... that is what I use to get tar from our white car.

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Lighter fluid will remove it right away.

Never recommended the Mr Clean magic scrub which is nothing more than a fine abrasive sandpaper and likely to dull anything used on unless porceline or glass.

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Don't use Mr Clean magic eraser on vinyl floor.
I did and it totally makes a dull mark on the finish.

Use WD 40 - it wipes off so easy.

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