wolf convection steam vs miele dgc 5085 xl vs aeg bs7304001m

NoctuaApril 1, 2013

So i know AEG is not sold in the US and that will mean not much info, but i had to take my Chances.

Previously, I looked at Gaggeneau, Miele (steam only) and even the "Steam Assist" whirlpool models.

I was going to go with Wolf (1.8") because it looks easy to use (manufacturer video) and had the largest capacity of the ones i seen. It also looks super easy to use...something that is great on day one but i have read some people want more control over the unit.

Then i seen the AEG models (2.6"). Much larger with most of the same features and many extra. On top of that it seems this is the least expensive of the three. Now i am liking this high end Electrolux.

That said Miele has a XL model (1.7") that is not available in Canada (yet? ever?) that may be good competition for these two. I found it on the Australian site (it is much better than the Canadian one) the model was DGC 5085 XL. One thing this model has over both the others is a plumbed water line... previously only on the Gagg, I think. What ever else is going on with steam ovens I have to think plumbed lines are the future.

Previously i had been debating if a wolf would be large enough as the main oven, and i am still wondering that in a way. Can it cook a 20lb turkey? Does using that high a % of the oven change the way it cooks?

So i guess what i am really asking is about AEG as a brand, I was recommended in a different thread to look into their induction hobs too, but i just don't know alot about them.

Any experience people have with them would be great to read about...in the mean time i will be reading the archives.




Ik now that some one is going to tell me to see the show room. In my area i will be lucky to see one of these on the floor. Lass few places i went Wolf was the only one of these brands I saw and they did not have this in. Trying a few more showrooms soon.

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Wolf = no broiler, limited control over amount of steam and temperature combinations (everything is pre-programmed), rather cheesy plastic controls.

Miele = broiler + total control over steam and temperature combinations including multi-stage programs, all controls via touch screen.

For me, the Miele wins hands-down.

I don't know anything about the AEG.

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Unless you live in Canada or are a riverboat gambler and like logistical puzzles + cutting red, then you'd best forget the AEG.

Sure, you could figure out how to import one and maybe even save a bit of coin , but maybe not. You'll also get to shoot yourself in the head again if you ever have have any issues with it.

If you want to import one from Europe / UK - there are a couple of threads on the ins and outs around here. Canada is a bit easier, especially if you live near the border.

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The AEG oven itself looks good...online, i went out the the shops today, no one had it. One place said they are trying to get a display. They could not tell me anything about it.
One guy compared it to steam assist by whirlpool.

No one had the new Miele either, just the steam only models...no discounts on them yet.

Saw the Wolf, its nice.

The AEG:

2.6 cubic feet

The manual Says 25% 50% and 100% steam modes.

Four paned cool touch glass door. (some models)

Has a convection Fan and convection element.

Has a Broil Element
Has a Steam generator. you can see it in this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKMVTrDR5E4 (which has info text in German). Seems to also function as a bake element when not water is present. (Probably a mint to replace it it goes)

Other notable modes.
Bake, Broil and/or Convection
Steam Reheating
Steam Baking

A Third bigger than wolf at less than half the price.
There are a few add ons for those that want them...oven racks and glides ect.

Wolf seems easier to control, at least initially.
Mind you, this is with out playing with the AEG so its tough to say for sure.

Looks like AEG does not heat left overs as well, it probably does not preheat as fast either due to size.

If i go this way it will be easier to talk the wife into a Speed oven.

Bonus Video of AEG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ166Xe2m78

If any one has this I would like to see your contribution to the potato race. I don't think it would beat a steam oven but would be interested to know the time.

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Noctua, what is the potato race? I finally found a live AEG and I'm going to try it out soon. Any suggestions on what I should try making/reheating?

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Did anyone get a an AEG steam oven or try one out? Curious as it is on the list but reviews are limited. Thanks! FYI-I'm in Canada so getting one here is do-able.

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The great potato race was a race to bake a potato using speed ovens.

I used my Electrolux Icon Speed oven, and Mojavean used his Miele Speed oven., Both speed ovens would be faster than a steam oven to bake a tater, and results would be just as if you baked a potato in a conventional or a convection oven, except the speed ovens are about 4 times faster than the regular ovens. I used the "Automatic potato setting" with my speed oven, which selects preheat time, temperature and baking time, how much microwaving vs convection bake, (automatically), while Mojavean, manually selected those parameters as He baked the potato in his Miele.

My Elux won (shortest time), but not by much. Somebody with an Advantium Speed oven, claims to have beat us both, but so far, I have not found that video.

From posts, we know that steam ovens are not as fast as speed ovens, but they are faster than regular ovens.
I have no experience with a steam oven, just going from the posts that I have read about them.

"It seems to me", that the steam would make the potato skin a bit on the "gooey side", instead of nice and chrisp like a speed oven or a regular oven, (I mean you got like 100% humidity in the steam oven), but it would be nice if somebody with a steam oven cooked a tater in it and put it up on Utube, or at least take good photos of the skin.

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Dodge, what type of potato and about how large? I may pick up a few regular potatoes and give it a shot. I normally make sweet potatoes in my combi using convection only and I don't think it is much faster than a regular oven . Using the combi setting of heat and steam, the manual says should take 45 minutes. The few times I used just steam on sweet potatoes, the inside was okay, but the skin looked like it had been boiled, and I don't recall how long it took, but I was making a sweet potato casserole, not a baked potato, so it was the texture I wanted..

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They were 2 regular Idaho potatoes, about 7.2 ounces each.

You can watch the Miele here:

You can watch the Electrolux here:

I do yams and sweet potatoes in my speed oven all the time.
They come out great. I buy really large potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes, so when the program asks me how many, I answer 2 and they come out perfect, alto you can check them, (oven beeps when done), and gives you the option to add more time, (if needed). The yams and sweet potatoes take about the same amount of time, (14 minutes including preheat), as a similar sized Idaho potato.

I also find that speed cooking reheats fries, poultry and fish, better than any other method that I have found, (oven, microwave, cook top) but as I mentioned, I have never tried a steam oven.

Good luck with your "shot"!


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Gary, I "competed" in the potato race, but came in dead last . Using just steam ( at 210 F) it took about 45 minutes to be completely done. One problem with cooking with steam is that when you open the door to check you let all the steam out, and when I checked it at 36 minutes, the internal temp was at 200F and was nearly done, so it is possible it may may been done at 40 minutes, if I hadn't opened the door at 36. Either way, pretty much dead last. The skin was not in any way crispy, but it was not a loose as it would have been if boiled. I was using an 8 oz potato.
I then made another one in combi mode - 100% steam, 360 F oven temp. That took about 30 minutes to get to done. The skin wasn't much crispier than the one that was steamed. The combi baked potato is on the right, the steamed is on the left. I haven't timed it exactly, but I normally cook sweet potatoes for about 2 to 4 minutes in the microwave and then 20 to 30 minutes using convection in the Combi and they come out great.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Barryv thanks for cooking a potato!

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