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bluestarrgalleryApril 24, 2014

Please can you advise me on what color grout should I use with this tile; it's topaz cypress from big box store.

I chose sable brown but having second thoughts


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Have you done a sample board? I always have pretty good luck with laying a few tiles on some scraps of drywall, or what ever, then after the thin set is dried, I use several of my options to see what I think. There are too many tones and shades to take a risk of getting it wrong IMHO. I don't know what Sable Brown is and it may or may not work. Do you want the grout to "pop" or to recede within the tile work. With your tile I would probably select something that recedes, but others may not. Then I have to consider if the selection is a warm tone or a cool tone and select accordingly. For example in my first bathroom I used a cool light gray for my white field tiles. In my current bathroom I have selected a warm gray and will mix it with white to lighten it up. But I have always mixed my grout to get the tone I want. Most people don't do that. I have a history of art, so it is not uncommon for me to mix and reform things. If you do decide to mix your grout, use exact measurements - dry measure or weight and record. I use Laticrete which is very consistent in color from batch to batch. It is a very high quality product.

Here is an example of my grout sample board:

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thanks for your advice, I want the grout to recede and my previous tile guy said the color of the grout is always a shade lighter than what it looks like in the sample in the store. These tile guys seem in a hurry to get the job done so no time to sample the grout colors. the Sable brown is a dark brown It's a home depot color grout.

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Well, in your initial post you said you had second thoughts about the color. What is your second thought? I can't advise on the color Sable Brown, I've never seen it.

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are you afraid the sable brown is too dark?? there is quite abit of variation in your tile, so some of the grout you choose will be darker or lighter than some areas of tiles . but, i generally think closer to one of the darker colors(but not darkest) is often the best way to go in a multi tile. but, i don't think i'm seeing your tile colors totally correctly and i don't know the color sable brown... if it is espresso dark, i do think it might be too dark...

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Simple...pick a grout that is darker than the lightest areas and lighter than the darkest areas.....can't go wrong with that.

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Just discussed this with a guy who does tile today. He suggested putting 4 pieces of tile together, and then place dry grout in the corner section where the 4 pieces meet.

Has anyone done this?

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might try a Polyblend Fawn or Light Smoke at HD, or Laticrete Terracotta, or Quarry Red. Hard to tell online the exact color. I would layout some spare tiles as suggested and try it. Maybe your tiler has actual samples of grout you can place next to the tile.

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That is called a "sample board" mdln... It is a great idea.

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I might add that, Home Depot now stocks "Fusion Pro" grout. This stuff is amazing, needs NO sealer and is absolutely the best grout you can use. It's premixed...but you need to wipe it down pretty quick. I use it professionally and love it.

A one gallon tub will set you back about fifty bucks, but it's well worth it.

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thanks everyone for all your advice, I was worried since there was so much variation in the colors of the tile and the predominant color is a dark olive green hence my hesitation with using a brown grout but there isn't an olive green grout.

well the tile guys showed up early and used the sable brown and it looks great -

here is a photo of part of the shower

this bathroom is so small I can't get a photo of the whole room at once - I don't have a wide angle on my camera

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Looks great. Though I think the tiles read more of a rust over all :)

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here's another photo, hard to describe the color and my photos aren't that great

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That looks beautiful!!! I love your bathroom! The grout blends right in and gives the tile a rich and luxurious look. LOVE IT! You did well. I'm sure you are so happy to have this behind you and that it turned out so very lovely!

P.S. I really love how you did the 2 x 2's on the shower floor. We did that with travertine in our shower and I love it. Your new bath is gorgeous!

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That is a stunning tile, and the most perfect darker grout for that tile is "Magnolia" by Mapei. It is a warm dark brownish grey color with a very very subtle hint of olive green (cypress green). I used it with my tile which is similar in color to yours: "Bowling Green" porcelain tile from the Amber Valley Collection by American Olean.

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stonetech, what is the texture of that Fusion Pro when dry? I've heard that it has the plasticy texture of caulk, which I would not particularly like.

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