What kind of wood to use on vaulted ceiling?

FotoFanaticMarch 4, 2012

We will have 21 ft vaulted ceilings in our Great Room, DR & entryway. We will have hickory flooring in GR & DR. What kind of wood would look best on the ceiling? Was trying to keep costs down and thought knotty pine would look nice. A family member said the pine would make it will look like a Catholic church inside. lol Suggestions please!! Thanks so much!

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personally I like beadboard with clearseal.
light and shows the beauty of the wood.
also light wood opens up the space.

you could stain it to whatever color you'd like.

before you install your beadboad put an air
barrier on the joists/rafters. I find that
wood ceilings leak a lot, when I blower door
test the house. this entry for hot/cold air
to enter has a big effect on the comfort/efficiency
of the house.
we use tyvek material attached to undersides of
joists/rafters, draped down on walls for sheetrock to
be installed over it. then attach the wood to the tyvek
covered area.
(ceiling joist or roof rafters depending on type of ceiling
you have)

also putting the beadboard on a diagional is a look
I really like. (but that's just me)

best of luck.

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We have hickory floors, and originally wanted butternut on the ceiling which is only 12'. Not nearly as tall as what you'll have. Found a good deal on some birch, so that's what we used. The painter stained it darker than what we said we wanted, but I still like it. The first picture was taken at night and shows the ceiling actually darker than what it really is.

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I personally think that Joyce's ceiling looks great with her hickory floor because it doesn't have a lot of knots. Her ceiling doesn't detract one's attention from the more important beams, windows, and floor. I find knots and some grain pattern on ceilings can be very visually distracting.

We are going with clear vertical grain douglas fir for our vaulted ceilings in the great room and painted T&G ceilings in some bedrooms and bathrooms. I'm all for showing off the character of wood, just not somewhere as expansive and uninterrupted as a ceiling (imho).

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