mold in bathroom

TACHEApril 22, 2008

One corner of the bathroom where the long hot showers are most apt to be taken gets black spots of mold. I scrub it down with vinegar snd then wipe it with is pretty much gone but there remains a visible shadow like image still there. It doesn't look repulsive but it doesn't look super clean either. Anybody else have this happen?

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Try using X-14 Mildew and Mold remover. Just spray it on and walk away. Do not get it on your clothes. It is the strongest bleach I know of.

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Thanks for responding,Sheila. I'll pick some up at the store and let you know.

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Once you get rid of the mold you need to find out why their is so much moisture. You need a properly sized vent that vents to the outside. We put ours on timers. You want it to run at least 10 minutes after the shower is over (I'd do even longer since you have an issue).

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You don't need fancy chemicals. Tiles and Softscrub are full of good old BLEACH! Put a spray bottle with 1 part bleach to two parts (or three) of water in the bathroom and spray the spot when necessary. It's not likely mold but mildew. Common and curable.

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