Finishes for Hardwood floors

Lorenza5064March 1, 2013

I am refinishing existing hardwood and new hardwood in adjoining rooms. I have Glitsa finish on existing and plan to use it for this project. I have two different "camps" promoting their finish process. First one; stain,Glitsa Gold seal bonder, 2coats Glitsa sealer,one coat Glitsa alcohol base satin finish coat. Second one; stain, Glitsa Baca sealer, one coat Glitsa waterborne satin finish coat. I know the drawbacks of the alcohol base finish coat; fumes, environmental impact. It is the system I used 20+ years ago and it has held up beautifully. I am concerned about the differences between the two plans in terms of longevity and aesthetics. More coats=more durability and longevity? More coats=No better longevity but reduced aesthetics because of excess buildup? Alcohol base finish better results then water base finish? Any insights or advice? Many thanks!

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Is it still a Swedish Finish if it is water based instead of solvent (alcohol) based?

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Yes, Glitsa makes both a water based and alcohol based finsh coat. Finishers seem to prefer the water base, primarily because of the noxious fumes, they also claim it "lays out" better as it does not dry as quickly. Can't seem to obtain an answer re the differences in performance/durability.

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We have used the water based on our pine floors and it has turned out very well. Can't speak to the alcohol based application.

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I just read a blog where a contractor said water-based finishes are more difficult to apply because it dries more quickly than oil-based, requires more precise application (touch-up is less forgiving than oil-based) and is more expensive. We had hardwoods ("Moabi"--an exotic hardwood from Brazil) installed but the contractor has to resand due to "stripes" left from improperly applying the topcoat. Also, a lot of scratches are already apparent and the floors look plasticky. They used 2 coats of Glitsa Baca sealer, 1 coat of Glitsa Lite Scent (misnamed, I can assure you). Appreciate any reviews of finish where it looks natural (not plasticky) and has stood the test of time against scratches. Also, if anyone has exotic hardwoods and likes their finish, that would be great to hear from too, since these woods are denser/oilier than oak, etc.

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