krissie55April 29, 2011

How often do you dust picture frames on the wall?

How do you dust them, what do you use, etc. in order to not find stuck on dust later.

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I use one of those Swiffer dusters. Once a week I dust all door frames, picture frames,mirrors, etc. Also good for those cobwebs you find near ceilings.

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Most don't want to hear this but you are waisting your time using anything but a vacuum to dust.It does take longer, but swifting or any of those other devices, just throw 90% of the dust back in the air to land some where else.

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msi9670, you are very right. But my smart mother taught me to dust from the ceiling down, and then vacuum or sweep the room. That way all the dust gets caught eventually.

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krissie, dust on picture frames (and baseboards) is a big pet peeve of mine. I've noticed this at some friends' houses and it makes me think their home is dirty. These are friends who live in some pretty beautiful homes too so I don't get it.

I linked you to a great book. In this book the author, Cynthia Townley Ewer (of Organized Home.com) explains how to clean different rooms (dry rooms vs wet rooms). It's a great reference book.

jannie, you are spot on.

I start by using a wool duster around the crown mouldings (to catch all the cob webs) and then I use a microfiber cloth on picture frames/mirror frames on walls (sometimes with a spritz of water to make the cloth slightly damp).

I also use a microfiber cloth to clean glass on pictures/mirrors.

At the end I use my vacuum to vacuum baseboards and do floors. I also use it to vacuum upholstery (like sofa/chairs in living room).

msi9670, microfiber cloths to do spread the dust around. They trap it. I sometimes spray a small amount of my cleaner on the cloth and it really grabs all the dust.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houseworks

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Janie is so right. Always, always clean from ceiling down. Otherwise, you're wasting your time. Picture frames I dust less than recommended but when I do, I try to put a spray on, (not areosol), protective covering on them. Most of my frames contain photos or watercolor paintings. I would never spray anything near an oil.

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Thanks to everyone!

You have reassured me that I was not asking too much from my house cleaning lady (history now). My idea of "clean" and her idea did not jive. Dust bunnies or collection of brown dust are not welcome in my home.


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I agree about vacuuming the dust. I never was raised to do this. I think dusting is one of the WORST chores and I hate it....But I use my vacuum to dust EVERYTHING and it works a lot better. Then go back and wipe the areas that are "touched with hands" with a clean cloth. I too get a feather duster and start from the top areas "first thing" then vacuum the floors, the vacuum the dust......I'm exhausted just thinking about it......But it makes it much easier in the long run. Dust doesn't return as quickly.

It also helps to keep it simple and try not to accumulate too much clutter. All the decorations are great but I try to keep everything minimal because it creates more work when cleaning. I absolutely hate cleaning but I'm a clean freak at the same. So over the years I've tried to find ways to make it easy for me.

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