Hoppy Easter Bunny and Chick Table

phonegirlApril 6, 2014

Easter table is set for this year!Yeah Busy week coming
up so it's this weekend to finish the decorating inside and
out. I'm close to finishing all the inside but need to get busy
tomorrow and do it up outside!

Super excited about having DGD and DS's little yorkie for
the week! However, I know I'm a little out of practice when
it comes to getting us both up and ready for school and
work!LOL She also has alot of after school activities we
will be attending.

The bunnies and chick are on my candle holder I use to put
DM's angels on at Christmas. I should paint it white but don't
seem to think about it until I'm ready to use it again. I added
the Hoppy Easter sign with some chicks and eggs. I've shared
my little bunny doll before on TJ's tray.

DD bought the yellow polka dot plates for me and also the other large ones. I don't think I've
set an Easter table using mostly yellow before this year. DH painted the bright yellow chargers.
Since I used polka dot plates, I stayed with a polka dot theme. I had bought the polka dot bowls
and 2 stemed polka dot bowls last year while out ys.

TJ is wearing one of DGD's little dresses and hat. I also added some of DGD's bunnies and
wand. Well see if she has anything to say about that.

The cp platter has matching bowls I used on the buffet behind the table. More of my ys
shopping fun! Had planned on using it in the china hutch but forgot when I decorated it.

Bunny w/carrot on the left is a S & P set. Chick on the right side is a devil egg plate.
Will try to get more buffet pictures posted tomorrow.

Put a bunny on the outside of water glass and threw a little chick inside the wine glass.


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Ohhh, punk... I had a bunch written & my computer shut down this afternoon...so I'll start over again (with Hotspot this time). ;-)

Your DGD is going to love this, uh! I love how you used the 'polka dot' theme ... & the yellows ... those plates & bowls are adorable in the place settings. Pretty yellow chargers, too ... plus whatever you have under them on top of the placemats...looks great!

Even adding some 'bling' to the stemware...cute lil' critters!
I love the cp ... all those cute 'elevated' bunnies + your hoppy Easter! Cute as can be! & I love the lil' baby bunny girl in the front of the cp!

TJ looks so ready for Easter in your DGD outfit! & all her bunnies ...very cute tray'scape!

Also your colorful 'egg plate' looks devine on the table! Everything shouts FUN for Easter time! Lookin' forward to seeing your buffet pics, too. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your computer shut down and then you took the
time to comment this much.You Rock! Thanks so much
for all your sweet comments. When this happens to me I
never want to start over.LOL

I used two place mats at each setting. I picked up the green
ones on clearance at TJ Maxx after Christmas. Not sure how
they would look w/o the pale yellow ones.

We have some eggs outside for DGD so I'll share a picture.
Not possible to get them all in but this gives you an idea of
what's going on out there. Thanks again for looking.

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Punk...I saw your post on FB.. And had to come here to take a
Better look. Boy you went Hopping Wild GF !!
I agree with Jeanne that your DGD is going to love it all...who
wouldn't ? Your Yellow Polka Dot theme so pretty and different from
What we usually have shown here for Easter, and I Like It!
Cute CP ...love the S&P and the Devil Egg Plate and ALL the little touches
to your glasses. TJ's being in the middle of it all is one lucky little
'Play Baby'...If only she could talk.....oh the stories she would tell !! LOl
Loved looking...Hope you have a great week with DGD...

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Thanks Jane! I have so much to learn when it comes to FB. Seems like it takes forever to post something. On here it's
photobucket.haha Glad you enjoyed the yellow for a change too.

It's probably a good thing TJ can't talk!LOL


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Marlene Kindred

Well, there are so many pretty things on your table, all I'll say is that it's really pretty! I especially like the polka dotted yellow plates....my favorite shade of yellow! Everything just looks delightful.

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No wonder TJ is smiling so much, that definitely is a happy....hoppy...table you've set. I can't begin to comment as eloquently as the others, so forgive me for just saying I "ditto" everything they said!

Have to smile even more, you're not busy enough decorating and working your "day job", now you're taking care of a child and a dog for a week. LOL....I know who's really going to be HOPPING in your house.
Mz Energizer Bunny herself. !!!

hugs, Karen

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Great Job Punk! It is all Beautiful as always! Love T J, she is the star of the Easter Photo! You have been having lots of fun! Yes, you must have some Energizer batteries! LOL

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My goodness, I am late thanking all of you for the sweet
comments. I had so much fun last week with DGD and
pooch! Must admit it is more work than I remembered!

Marlene, I love those polka dot plates. I'm excited to
set a ts with my purple set too.

Karen, I did HOP!!! Now I know I'm capable of a lot more
than I normally do in the mornings. I can fix pancakes,
bacon and do the dishes as well as get another one ready
for the day!!!

Creek, TJ is a fun addition to my decorating. Can't thank
Jeanne enough for that. Seems like my batteries are not
keeping a full charge any more.sigh Wish it was as easy
as buying some new ones.LOL I worked outside all
day yesterday and it really kicked my butt!

So appreciate all the sweet comments ladies. Hope all
of you have a Wonderful Easter. I did get my pie crusts
and dinner rolls made last weekend and in the freezer.Woohoo


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I'm a little late viewing all of the Easter threads. I was busy doing my dreaded income taxes. That chore quite spoils spring for me.

Anyway, regarding your decorations, I wanted to tell you how much I love your exuberance. Polka dots are one of my favorites motifs, so I especially love your yellow plates. Your husband painted the chargers? How wonderful that he will help make your creative visions into reality. I'll bet your granddaughter has a blast at your house.

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It is all looking very festive at your house this year.

Love it all!!

I didn't get home in time to "do" Easter. I just took St. Pat's décor down today.

I'll have to enjoy everyone else's.


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Thanks Fun, DH painted several sets of chargers for me.
Most of the time he is wonderful when I ask for HELP!
He has cut me out so many plate holders and I'm using
most of them in my cabinets to display dishes and lovin'

Hoping to have a fun day with the girls tomorrow. We
have Easter baskets filled with fun things for indoors
and outdoors. The girls are old enough that they will
want to be outside if weather permits.

Candy, I'll bet it was hard to be taking down St Pat's
decor and knowing you wouldn't have time to get out
all your wonderful Easter decor. Hope you will be
able to share some of your decor and ts soon.

Fun and Candy, thanks for the sweet comments. Hope
you have a Happy Easter. Punk

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