Microfiber cloth query.

albert_135April 29, 2008

I often read something here about "microfiber cloth" but when I do my routine shopping nothing ever jumps out at me and says "Buy me! Buy me! I'm a microfiber cloth."

What are some brand names? Is microfiber cloth with the cleaning products at most/all large stores?

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I found some at the dollar store, 2 for a buck. Just hanging on the wall.

Then in walgreens bought a couple of matching clean kitchen towels for $1 each, guess I had guests comming. Got home and realized it was microfiber and went back and got maybe a dozen more total over the next couple days. In their automotive section the same towels were more than double that price with the same but different worded paper label stapled to them.

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Windex sells microfibre cloths for using with their product,Windex. I bought one pack about a year ago and keep it in the bathroom for wiping down the mirror after showers.

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There are different brands, but they should say "microfiber". I bought a pkg of 36 at Costco for $16 or so "Ultra-Soft Microfiber Auto Cloths". I've seen them in LNT (I think) where they are different colors, and supposed to be used for cleaning different things. The naps may be different on each, but I really don't think it matters. The first one I bought was in a kitchen gadget store for $10! It's brand name is Mystic Maid and it has a different nap than the ones from Costco - but I can't tell that it cleans differently.

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Phobie Privett

Walmart carries a pack of 8 for about $4.70. They are in the automotive department, with the cleaning items. Granted, they're not pretty, but I think they work great and you can't beat the price!

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Saw a 10 pack of MF cloths for $5 at Walgreens today.

Sam's club has 24 for $10.46

Here is a link that might be useful: Sam's Club microfiber towels

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I bought one package of the ones at Wal Greens. Wish I had bought more. I have been to every Wal Greens around here and they are sold out. My aunt has been looking for them too and no luck.

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I'll second Walmart Automotive aisle. Package of 25 blue and white towels for $9.99.

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Sorry,that was a 12 (not 10) pack at Walgreens for $5. They are dish-cloth sized (10"x10"?),so they are not as big as the ones from Sam's Club (16"x16"?) They seemed to be of good quality,so I got a package of them ;)

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I really appreciate all the responses on this post. I just started using these cloths since I "discovered" this forum, and I love them. I have one large one, and two smaller ones for cleaning glass. I'm really happy to hear about the 10 x 10 size Jobird found at Walgreens--that's the size I've been looking for to use in the kitchen. They work so much better than just a regular dishcloth for wiping off the countertops and the fridge. I'm off to Walgreen's. ;o) Luvs

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Ok - so I'm out of the loop on the micorfiber cloth thing. What all does everyone use these things for? I want to run to Walgreens right now to get some just from reading the post but then what do I do with them?!?!


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Phobie Privett

They are great for just about anything. They clean mirrors, all kinds of countertops-streak free. They can be used wet, dry, with cleaner or without. They also are great to pick up that really fine dust that sticks in the corners of your house. They just pick up dirt and don't smear it around! Make a trip and GO GET SOME! :)

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Microfibers have revolutionized my cleaning. They work better than other cleaning aides and make cleaning faster and easier. Anyway, I'm so impressed with them that I give them away as gifts. I also give the microfiber mops as gifts. (The best one I have found I purchased from microfibertech.com. By the way, no one has been disappointed with them as a gift . . . all have been grateful for how the cloths make their cleaning chores easier.) Anyway, I made up this "instructional" to go along with the gift since most folks have never used them. Here it is (sorry for the long post):

Care of microfiber cleaning cloths:

Wash separately (you can hand wash them). Especially do not wash with towels (they pick up lint and it ruins their lint-free properties). I use hot water and a small amount of soap when I hand wash and I rinse thoroughly. However, I have so many of them now that I usually use the washing machine to do a load of just microfibers. (I have two microfiber mops with removable mop pads that I can throw into the washing machine. I use them as dust mops and to wet mop my hardwood floors and my kitchen floor.)

No fabric softener of any kind!! (IT RUINS THEM.) Static and microfibers go hand in hand. Static helps them work.

No bleach (except on the microfiber dish cloths which you can purchase at Target).

No cleaner is necessary when using microfiber cloths (in fact glass will be cleaner just using water because it stops the build up of stuff on the glass). However, you can use cleaners with them if you wish.

If you dont want to dry what you just wiped, do not overwet the cloth. Barely damp works best and you donÂt get any streaking. Really wring the dishcloths out well before you wipe the stove top and it will not streak at all.

Wet one microfiber cloth to wash the windows, use a dry one to dry. It is so fast and easy to get clean windows. THESE CLOTHS ARE REALLY GREAT TO DO A QUICK CLEANING JOB ON YOUR PATIO OR SLIDING GLASS DOORS. ONLY TAKES MINUTES.

I use them on the bathroom mirrors immediately after showering while they have condensation on them and I also wipe down the tile after showering (it only takes a second). I keep two in the cabinet under my sink and I have one hanging in my shower. They air dry very quickly.

They are great to use to do a quick clean on the bathroom sink after I dry my hair and put on my makeup.

Great to shine up appliances with little or no effort. Try on the washing machine, the dryer, the refrigerator. Excellent on stainless steel surfaces for all those pesky finger prints. Great for granite too.

Perfect for TV and computer screens (use barely damp).

If you have a glass shower enclosure, try wiping that down after showering.

They also work well as dustcloths or you can attach it to your swifter and use it as a dustmop.

The small eyeglass microfiber cloths, which have a much finer nap, are great for glass knick knacks.

Great for cleaning your car (both for washing it and drying it). You can really clean the car windows fast with microfibers if you need a quick windshield cleaning done. I keep a couple in the car in a plastic bag to wipe the condensation off of the outside windows and mirrors on dewey mornings.

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Great list of uses and suggestions on care. Thank you Chicadeead, I'm going to keep your list for future reference too. Luvs

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I now use a MF dishcloth rather than sponge. We have used a man-made sponge with a rough/scrubber side for years. I hadn't used a dishcloth for 40 years, now I use a MF dishcloth all the time. My wife still prefers the sponge, so I bring my MF DC in whenever I'm "doing dishes".

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I can't stand the feeling of microfiber cloths! Does anyone else feel that way? I just hate them, because I don't like the way they feel in my hand. I threw mine away. I know, perhaps I'm nuts.

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Phobie Privett

Suzieque-yeah, they gross me out most of the time! I wear rubber gloves alot when I clean with them. However, I also think certain brands are "more gross feeling" than others! The ones I got from Walmart aren't too bad.

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I know, they do feel funny, supersoft.

I buy microfiber carwash towels from the company below. They are quite big at 16" square, much thicker and softer than the overpriced towels I got at BBB. I use them for everything.

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Thanks, finally found them at WalMart. I may return in a week or two to report something good. I try not to report bad on a popular subject, although I have too often been know to do so.

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I bought a couple of very heavy ones from Walmart. They were in the housewares section and came 2 to a pack. They were pricey, but worth it.

I bought a huge bag from Sam's. I use them for everything. If I ruin them I just pitch them because they are inexpensive.

I have some that I ordered online from that cleaning guru, don't remamber his name. He's a rip off. The ones I ordered from him are suppose to be for mirrors, but feel like regular cotton to me.

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