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PurplemoonApril 6, 2010

Since I had some birthday to spend (thank you, Dad), and haven't been able to get out this last week to shop, I did some home (eBay) shopping. Tho I want to go shopping too! I still have gift cards for Michaels and Marshalls from two of my kids tho. ;o)

The Dedham bunnies are fairly pricey so I don't usually buy them. But I often watch in case a good deal comes up on eBay. And I got very lucky today! One of their rabbits I really like a lot, sells on Dedham's site for $42. And the pair of bunny candlesticks sells for $50.

I got ALL of these for $23. Woooo Hooo. (oh, just one candlestick pictured but have 2)

I found this wonderful rabbit napkin ring, they only had the one. But hey, that works for ME. LOL

And last week I got a lovely porcelain bunny, made by Enesco in 1986. He is wonderful I

think. I was the only bidder too. Yay.

Lastly, I'm always watching for neat Christmas things as you know. So when this came up on eBay it combined my love of horses, bunnies, and Fitz n Floyd. This old S&P is really neat I think. I'd have been thrilled with JUST the pepper shaker tho! Again, no one else bid

so I got a great buy.

hugs, Karen

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Wooo Hooo to YOU @@ !! did really really well.
I LOVE all your bunnies and what a great price for the Dedhams.. You were so lucky..I guess everyone was 'bunnied out' when you bid on them..I can't believe the price.
I see those nap rings quite often, so I'm sure you'll be able to add to them easily. That Enesco bunny is so sweet.
As for the F& were at the right place...right time to get those w/o any other bidders...
Great Buys..and NICE Birthday Gifts to enjoy too!


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What great buys, I'm really jealous of the Dedhams, I would sure love to add to my lonely little Dedham bunny. Very cute napkin ring in just the right number. Very nice Fitz-n-Floyd s&p shakers too. I see Fitz-n-Floyd things quite often at my local TS, but I don't collect it. Still, I always think of you when I see it.

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Karen, when I read the title of this post, I thought you were going to tell us that while you were packing Easter things away, you had found treasures you had forgotten you had! LOL

As always, you found some neat stuff gal. The Enesco bunny is my fav--just looks so soft and sweet. Your Dedham bunny and candlesticks are just the perfect thing for a vignette--or tablescape! I'm not a big blue/white fan, but those are neat. The bunny napkin ring is cute, and the F&F is always a good find. Plus I know you had many hours of pleasure locating, bidding, and watching these items hoping they would get to come live at your house! ;o) Luvs

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Karen, the Dedham items are really soooooo cute, and the Fitz & Floyd, you can't go wrong with anything of theirs, but the problem for me is trying to remember what you do have, when I'm garage saling!! I'll probably end up buying you doubles of what you already have!!!!!

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Those bunnies in the first picture are beautiful. You are going to have the best bunny collection with all your great buys!


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LOL Karen, your bunnies are multiplying, as all bunnies do! Great finds!

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Great finds Karen!! and my favorite kind of shopping at that.
I like that the mail man does all the footwork and I can stay home playing in the dirt instead. LOL
As quickly as the bunnies are multiplying , you're gonna have twice the farm. LOL

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LOL, Syble, you made me laugh with your "Very cute napkin ring in just the right number." comment. Actually I do hope someday I can find another one and have a pair of these. Any tables I set for you guys will just be for one or two, that's for sure.
There's usually some neat Dedham pieces on eBay, tho its kind of a challenge to get them at bargains. I really want the S&P set with the tiny bunny on top, which two are on right now but more than I want to pay. Tho less than at the Dedham site of course.
Also a laying bunny REALLY is tempting me, but he's same price as their site. And for some reason he's one of their more affordable ones at $36. I'm just not sure I can justify that even tho I love him.
My biggest challenge is finding places to put more bunnies!! I've re-homed over a dozen, but still have more that need to go. They are mostly very small ones tho, so probably not ones that would interest many people. :o(
(any of you here that think you want to see them, just email me and I can send pix.)

Luvs, you're right. Its a wonder I didn't find Easter stuff that I'd overlooked or 'lost' somewhere in all my stuff. I still can't get over the Christmas that I found AFTER the fact. Sheesh!! I am trying to keep lists now of what is where, but hate its so scattered around. Wish I had one huge Holiday Decor area where it ALL could go.

Yacht, I don't have very many FF things. Partly due to prices, and also I'm kind of picky about it. There are several Santa plates I badly want, some of their deer are so fabulous but so dang pricey. I sure would be surprised if these came up at yard sales tho.
I can send you pix of some things in my wish list file that you can watch for at sales if you want. Pretty ceramic birds, and realistic brown bunnies, are always wanted. LOL. I'm hoping to find the little brown Goebel bunny who's scratching his ear. I have the other two that match him.

hugs, Karen

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Ahhh, not only are your "home" buys so sweet, but so is your Dad! B'day money to spend on yourself! Your collections are so wonderful & those b/w Dedlam bunnies are so pretty! Always learning about something new on here! Luv it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Love seeing your bunnies. Why would you make us email you to see more??? I'm just getting home and it's 9:30 so don't have time to email and ask to see your pictures.LOL I always want to see more from you!!!


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Oh, Punk, I should have been more clear. I meant if anyone was interested in adding some of my little bunnies to their home, to let me know and I'd send pix of ones I still want to let go. As I said, most now are very small.
And a few are weird, LOL.

I also probably phrased it wrong about being picky on Fitz n Floyd stuff. What I meant was because they have such a wide variety of things, and I am not a serious FF collector, I just try to get some things I think are special for me. So most of the pieces I have are rabbit or Christmas related. I love going to their site, especially the clearance section, and looking at all their goodies tho. I think their things are beautifully done.

hugs, Karen

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I love what you added to your collection, Karen. Have fun with your birthday money..ONE napkin ring...LOL!

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Kathleen, I REALLY wish they'd had a pair of the Hare napkin rings. It is so pretty, and even if I didn't use them, I still would like a second one. More than two definitely would be a waste on me, LOL, but one sure is a lonely little napkin ring.

hugs, Karen

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