What product from WalMart will make the most suds or foam?

albert_135April 18, 2008

I don't want to clean anything with it.

I just want to be overwhelmed with inexpensive suds or foam.

I want to make a foam for a horticulture experiment.

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How much will overwhelm you? Dish soap makes a lot of suds, bubble bath, and the foaming hand soaps/Dawn Direct Foam make a lot of foam.

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Do you need the bubbles to stick around? If not, a gallon of vinegar and a big box of baking soda will give you a lot of foam (great for a volcano effect), but the don't last long.

Longer lasting... Dawn dishsoap.

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If you want the bubbles to be lots and stick around.
Dish soap and a drop of glycerin. Use a stick type hand blender. Use as little water as you can.
If you have harder water you may want to add a little bit of baking soda to soften it but too much will impair your bubble making.

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