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rustenApril 12, 2012

The compressor went out on our Sub Zero 700-Series All-Freezer.

I went to do a little research before returning the repairman's call, and I noticed that the original compressor (Embraco EGU80HLC) is replaced with an Matsushita DA73.

The problem is that Matsushita is no longer selling compressors in the US since 2002, from what I understand.

I'm trying to determine whether there is a better alternative/replacement compressor for the original Embraco?

It seems GardenWeb has more SZ experts than anywhere else, so I thought I'd try my luck here as most of the well read SZ owners here often know more than many of the repairmen I've used!

Thank you in advance!

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After googling that number, I found out that it is apparently
SZ part number 42022250.

If you google that part number, you will find that compressor for sale in several places,including a brand new one on Ebay for $110. I will list them at the end of this post.

I "assume" you have eliminated the control circuitry for the compressor, any relays, starting capacitors, etc etc?

Anyway, here are a couple links to the original compressor
(Embraco) for your SZ.

Hope these work out for you, Please keep us posted!


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Dear rusten,

To ensure that you are getting only Sub-Zero factory parts, we would recommend purchasing the compressor through one of our Regional Certified Parts Distributors. They can then ensure you are getting the correct part number for your unit.

They will need your model and serial number in order to properly assist you. You will find their contact information by following the link to our Locator. Select 'Service, Repair and Parts', enter your zip/postal code and you will receive a listing for the Factory Certified Parts Distributor for your area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sub-Zero:Wolf Service/Parts/Dealer Locator

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A compressor needs a starting relay, capacitor, etc. It all has to match. Buy the replacement from SZ. Don't worry about the manuf. you have no control over that.

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In reading up on that compressor, it does say it can be used as a variable speed compressor (assuming the info is correct), and if it is used as a VSP, then it would not have a starting relay, and if the capacitor is the correct value (assuming it uses an external capacitor) a replacement of the correct capacity and voltage should suffice---the're not "Black Magic".

There are schematics , parts list, etc etc on the net for the model I gave you , also parts breakdown for the SZ Fridges by Model # ie 700, 550, etc etc.

I would spend a little time looking over that info before ordering the compressor, and if it is used as a VSP(variable Speed Compressor), then there is always a chance that the controller board for the compressor has a problem too.

One company that used to sell SZ parts, says SZ will no longer sell to them, as SZ wants you to buy the parts from their "authorized distributors", one does wonder how much extra a compressor would be from one of "said Distributors" as one wonders if the parts are price fixed, like the final product is??? Well You saw the prices on the site I gave you (Not Ebay), so it will be interesting to compare the prices, ya thinks?

Good luck on restoring the appliance to normal opearation.


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