Is this normal for a microwave?

soozApril 19, 2012

We had to replace our very old microwave and got a new one made by Sharp.

When it's doing its thing, I can see the light on through the front glass, but I can also see a "red" filament like *string* that is to the right of the light. I'm attaching a picture I took of it--and because I could only see it when the MW is on, I had to take a photo through the closed door. I used photoshop to dodge the area around it, and also to 'photographically burn' the area where the red glowing thing is.

The darkened area in the photo is not really burned or anything, but that's the only way I could get the red thingy to show up somewhat.

Is this red glowing filiment-like thing normal??? The second photo is of the MW with the door open, and I circled the part where the light and the red thingy is behind.




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I can't see what you are talking about, other than the light itself.

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Okay, maybe you can pretend to see a red filament that is kinda horizontal, a bit below and to the right of the light?

I appreciate your trying to look--it's not the best picture but it's the best I could get considering it's only when the door is closed and the MW is working... all I see when I look at the top photo is a couple of red/reddish pixels, so I do know what you mean.

Any ideas?
Thanks, again!

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Still can't see anything when I zoom in. My guess is that it is just a reflection off wiring behind the screen.

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