How much space should be open below a floating vanity?

kaysdApril 25, 2012

We will have a 6 foot vanity between 2 walls. I plan for the counter to be at 36" because we are tall and want to maximize storage. I had planned on a 2 cm (3/4") counter, 30" high cabinet (all drawers), with a toe kick area just over 5" tall. I am thinking about doing away with the toe kick to create a floating vanity, but is 5" between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor enough? I want the proportion to look right and to be able to get my steam mop under the cabinet, but I do not want to lose too much storage, so having 10" + open below the cabinet is not an option. If 5" is not enough, then what about 7" or 8"?

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If I'm building a cabinet for someone like you who wants the appearance of floating but with a traditional toe kick height, I'll simply make the toe kick deeper.

How deep can depend on the size of the room. But if for example it's recessed 10" to 12", it gives the appearance of a floating unit as it's recessed enough to not be seen with normal sight lines, and by not being a true floater (full depth but only 5" high) it's not dust-bunny haven under there.

A 7" or 8" toe kick on a true floater is fine.

Not sure of the overall look you're going after, but lighting under a floater can be a nice detail too. Either as accent lighting or as a night light.

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Because there was no other storage on our bathroom, I had to maximize the size of the vanity. So we left 6". Also added lighting underneath it.
The more space you leave, the more the 'floating' effect.

In another bathroom we will not have a vanity at all. Just a slab of floating wood counter.

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Mongoct, that's a good idea to just do a deeply recessed toekick to simplify cleaning if we stay with just 5" below the vanity. The room the vanity will be in is 6' x 6' (the shower and toilet area is separated by a pocket door). The look I am going for is clean and modern, but still tranquil and spa like. I will consider the under-cabinet lighting.

Pharoah, thank you for posting that picture of your gorgeous vanity. I love your wood grain. It is very helpful to see pictures and know the measurements. I am afraid I will not get the look I am going for with less than 6".

I can probably reduce my drawer section to 28" to get 7" below. I was originally planning on having 5" toekick drawers to store the scale, extra boxes of toothpaste and lens solution, etc., so I am really reducing my storage a bit to get a look if I go this way. Form vs. function is a constant battle. I am doing a wall hung toilet in the adjoining room, but that gives me both form and function as it will be easier to clean around and the in-wall tank frees up floor space in a not-large room.

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