Wolf oven won't open after self-clean

gaylApril 14, 2013

Any ideas on how I can open my Wolf wall oven after a self-clean? It has been several hours and the fan has turned off, but still no luck. Can't find anything about it in the manual. Thanks...

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Do you see any error msgs displayed?
When you push the unlock button, do you hear anything?

If either of the above, Turn off circuit breaker to the oven for about 2 minutes, then with an assistant standing by, push in on the oven door (at the handle area), and hold it in while assistant turns the circuit breaker back on.

This worked for Breezygirl, as I recall, just before last Thanksgiving.


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This happened a couple of years ago on my KA. The solenoid that moves the lock back and forth had frozen or something. I had never used the self clean very often at all over the years. The repair guy suggested that if you don't use the self clean very often at least click it on then off occasionally to keep the mechanism free. Whether that's true or not I don't know.. but I do it now and then. He had to access it by removing the back panel.

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Thanks for your postings. Gary, we tried that trick, but it didn't work. We can hear a very low-sounding motor sound when we switch the breaker back on, but can't get anything to do anything. Except the light will go on and off!

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Try pushing in on the door - I think that is what Breezygirl did to get hers open. Then contact Wolf to see what is up.

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Tried pushing on the door...didn't work. I'll have to call in the am and try to figure this out...thanks, everyone.

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Did you turn off the circuit breaker - that sometimes resets electronic brains.
Do you have the e or l series?

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Yes, we tried turning of the circuit breaker...several times. And tried pushing in the door as we turned it back on as Gary suggested. No response. We have the E series, single wall oven. I am sure glad I tried this before the warranty was over!

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Be sure to check the porcelain on your oven before Wolf comes out too!.

I did find an older thread, (link supplied at bottom of my post), that indicates, you had this problem before, gharborwa?

In that same thread is a response from a "Wolf Representative", indicating some kind of communications problem.

It appears you did not receive this update/fix, so be sure it is done this time, (not just replacing latch).((Show that thread to Wolf , if necessary to convince them)).

Hopefully it soon will be fixed and last a long time!


Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf latch problems

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Yes, Gary, we had a problem with the MDL code in the past and supposedly the latch was fixed. i'm not sure if this is the same issue. This was the first time I had run the self-clean, and no code at all appears on the read-out. So I didn't connect the problems, but maybe there is a connection. And btw, I would LIKE to check my porcelain again because I have read about those problems. But, uh, my problem is I can't open the door to check it!!

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How old is your oven - we have the E series as well.

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It is about 18 months old. Technician coming in a couple of days....

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Thanks - ours is about a year old - I think ours might have been built after the issues with the boards.
Let us know your outcome. Bummer and my oven does need a cleaning.

In my old oven, I just stored my pizza stone on the bottom rack so it didn't get very dirty - except for what dripped on the stone.

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Update: Service tech just came out and after quite a bit of hassle, finally got the door open. He talked to a Wolf rep and they think the wrong latch was installed after my MDL error code. So they are going to order a new latch as well as a new relay board, since that might have been damaged with the wrong latch. So far sounds okay to my novice ear.
But, after he left and I was cleaning up the residue from the cleaning mode, I noticed there was some blue porcelain flakes on my rag...on closer inspection, there is a gash-like mark just a little under 1/2" long on the right front side of the oven. Do you think this is from the high heat of the self-clean? Never noticed this before and I have been diligent about checking this. I'm not sure how problematic this is or could be. Thoughts?

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In the post, I linked for you earlier, gharborwa, one poster put up a picture of where the porcelain was flaking. Rhome's comments about what She thinks is causing it is also in that same thread.

That's why I suggested you check your porcelain, (especially since it's still under warranty).

Hope all is taken care of .


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