How do you use your combi steam oven

gwloloApril 3, 2013

If you have a combi steam, please share all the ways you use it. I bought a floor model Gagg for my new kitchen more than a year ago and finally hope to be cooking in the new kitchen in the next few weeks. Today I happened to be showing the new kitchen to a friend and when she asked what can I do in the steam oven, I could not come up with anything other than crusty bread, steaming veggies and reheating plates of left overs. I know many of you swear this is one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen.

Can you share how do you use your combi? What do you cook? Do you use all the pans and pizza stone etc?

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There is still a shortage of info on how to best use combis. Tonight I steamed shrimp ( just a little Old Bay on the shrimp in their shells, came out great ) last night I made a loaf of ciabatta bread, and then some banana bread, before that, I used it to proof the dough for the ciabatta, and before that I made a butternut squash dish from the Miele recipe book, which was pretty good. As a regular oven, it is much faster than my range because the oven size is under 1.5 cu ft, by range oven is around 4. So the only time I use the range is when I want to broil. It does a great job reheating, and I have made pork loin, and ribs - though still working on the ribs. When you use a combi mode, it heats much quicker than a regular oven, and doesn't seem to dry things out as much. Try it to cook a full turkey or chicken, and you will impressed how quick it is, and how moist things come out. I use it nearly every week to make salmon, sometimes I steam it , others I used convection heat with minimal steam at first , then switch to no steam to crust up the rub. You really have to play with it, but it can do most anything a regular oven can do, with the option to do many things a regular oven can't.

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I am also trying to figure out how to use the combi-steam oven. I agree with Barryv that you can do almost anything and that it is very quick. I thaw berries in it every morning and they come out really well, not mushy and half cooked like the microwave. I had Gaggenau send me one of their wheel cooking guides which helps with what temperature and how much steam. I have cooked a turkey, chickens, roasts, veggies, fish, etc. Rice comes out perfectly cooked with no sticking to the pan. I`ve also baked, using 30% steam - everything nice and moist. One of the best things is a souffle which rises so high and cooks faster than in conventional convection. Also steamed eggs - either soft or hard cooked. My biggest problem is working out the timing of things. I don`t like opening the door on full steam just to check things. I`d love to find a good recipe book, though I am starting to collect on line recipes if ever I come across them. Are there enough combi-steam owners on this forum to start an informal recipe collection that we could all access?

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Carol, I don't know of any such place yet. I just created a very simple web page that lists the different recipe books I have found on the internet - you should be able to add comments on the page, so if you find other sources, just list them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Links for manuals and recipes for combi steam ovens

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Thanks Barry. I`ll see if I have anything different to add.
By the way, have you ever tried the slow cook roast - seared first then cooked at 160 degrees with 30% humidity? I'm trying it tonight.

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Yogurt! Steam setting at 105 for about 3 1/2 hours makes the most delicious thick yogurt.

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