Trying to decide between American Range and DCS

eranmegApril 30, 2012

Hey there,

I am trying to decide between the American Range and DCS DF Free standing 30" models.

Pro - on American Range is the oven size. Con - I have heard they don't do a good job on low simmer? Also read about issues with repair/customer service?

If anyone has opinions, input on either I would very much apprecaite it. The local sale on the American Range is over tomorrow - I can get the DF for under 4K right now..

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I am not familiar with the American Range but I do have the DCS, all gas, the things I love - dual stacked burner for fantastic simmer on all 5 burners. The center burner, I end up using it almost every night. The infra red broiler is great. Going from my electric oven was a concern but I have no problems with the baking I have done and roasting is better, more moist. For my purpose the one thing I wish was different is a reverse on the burners, to have 3 of the 12,500 and 2 of the 17,500. On a rare occasion I have had all 5 burners going and freq have 4.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Out of curiosity what do you find yourself using the center burner for? Can you actually fit additional stuff on the cook-to together with something on the center? I was actually questioning the value of it?

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I can put my 8 Qt on center and 6 Qt on one, 2 - 3 quarts and a 2 qt. all at once without a problem. Bring some of your pans in to a shop and try it.

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I see that DCS is offering a free single or double dishdrawer with the purchase of a range. I saw one yesterday and I was impressed with the build quality of the range.

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