What really cleans yellow ring-around-the tub? ?

kaisermustApril 28, 2012

What really cleans the yellowish/grayish streaky ring around the tub from constant shower use? I've tried a couple of different spray on cleaners and the ring is still there. I presume it's from soap scum (98% shower use only on fiberglass tub surround and soft water). I'm tired of wasting money on products that simply don't get rid of it. What have you all found that really wipes the ring away (and without having to keep cleaning the tub weekly--who wants to clean their tub more than once every few months. Not me.). Thanks

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If you're a guy & dont use the odd creamy/oily soaps and shampoo's.. and Use liquid shower soaps rather than bar soaps.
You wont have to do much if any cleaning.

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I agree with mikie. It also helps if you follow the directions on the bottle, making sure that you leave the product on the tub for the time specified.

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Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser moistened with straight Dawn brand liquid dish washing detergent--no water. Then rinse. It was amazing how easily the soap scum washed off my shower using this method.

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