Whimsical Easter Table

phonegirlApril 7, 2012

DGD decided tonight that she wants to come to Papa & Nana's for Easter so sat the table for her. Amazing what we do for GKids. The only ones who can get more out of us than the IRS.LOL

I had picked up some Easter Eggs while ts shopping last summer. Only found three but I'm sure I bought four. Pretty sure the other one must be hiding out in the shop somewhere.

DD brought me the bunny cookie jar. I had sat in on one of my sewing machine stands but decided to use it for the cp on my table. Used the same purple filler from cologne I had used in my birdcage for hair on the pumpkin at Halloween last year. Before coming here would of never saved this stuff.haha

I found this big glass egg so used it in place of the missing aqua egg. Used my same bunny napkin holders I've shared before.

Closeup of the bunny cookie jar cp. I used some beaded garland for a change. DD also gave me the little egg candles. Picked up the sheep and egg sitters at a ys last summer.

Another gift from DD. Cute little chick egg plate. I think she bought it last year after Easter at JoAnns Crafts.

Bunny candle holders are from Avon. The bunny angel was one I picked up while ys. Butterflies, flowers and tulips I scatted around were from DP.

Another shot with buffet behind table.

As you can see I wasn't going to light the candles but after looking at my pictures decided I needed a few more so Just Did It. Hope all of you have a Wonderful Easter.

Will share more pictures after Easter. Had a DF in the hospital this week and company late last night. Need to head to bed now if I want to play the 'Energizer Easter Bunny' this weekend.LOL Thanks for looking.


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Punk, This is a wonderfully whimsical table!!
It is amazing what we do for our GKids!
The eggs are so cute and I like that you used the egg jar in place of the missing egg. It looks cute.
The bunny cookie jar is perfect for the CP.
Your DD is quite the enabler. Good for her...I mean good for you LOL.

Happy Easter


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Thanks Nana for all your sweet comments. I'm heading out to go to the Easter Egg hunt with DGD. We plan to have a fun day with her so I'm thrilled. Hope all of you have a wonderful day.


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Punk...such a fun and sweet table for DGD!
Yes, what we won't do for them...and love every minuite of it too !! lol
I think you'll find that fourth egg around 4th of July!
That's how we usually find things - when we don't need them!
They really are cute with the bunny faces on them.
I'm sure it will turn up
I agree your DD knows how to enable you...
Cute bunny cookie jar and perfect for a CP.
I like how you 'dressed it up' with all the extra frou frou around it! Cute
candleholders too and your napkin holders are so sweet.
Hope you enjoyed the egg hunt with DGD. That's always fun.
Enjoy A Very Happy Easter !

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Love that you have your buffet to decorate to match what's on your table. That's quite a lineup of bunnies you've collected.

Table looks very pretty and festive. Love the centerpiece cookie jar.

Probably shouldn't tell you all this, but lately I can't seem to concentrate on much decorating around here. I did pull out some Easter items so little GD could help me decorate a bit last weekend. Kept thinking to myself, "I'm sure I have more Easter stuff than this!" Well, today I see Jeanne's post with the Arthur Court metal bunny tray and a light goes on! Then I see this post of Punk's cookie jar and another light goes on--my tray and bunny jars and pitchers are in the family room hutch--I don't pack them away! LOL Guess I'd better go set a few out to be enjoyed--and NOTICED!


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Punk, You have so many cute Easter Bunnies it is hard to see them all. I love the purple Easter Grass you saved. I am always saving "stuff" because I might need it for something sometime, LOL.
I hope you find your other Aqua Egg! I get so annoyed when I know I have something and then can't find it...GRRR.
Anyway, I would like to sit at the clear egg substitue setting as I gave up Chocolate for Lent and I see it has lots of chocolate in it, HA HA.

I just finally found my pink feather wreath this morning! It was behind a bunch of my fall/halloween decor! I need to remember to rotate my seasonal decor in the future and put the stuff I am taking down BEHIND the decor for future holidays!!! As in, move the Easter stuff in front when I am putting the Halloween away, DUH!

DGD will be thrilled with all you have done. It is so cute and I really like the big aqua eggs, so sure hope you find the one that is already hidden, teehee. Maybe if you hide eggs for DGD, she'll find it for you.

Your bunnies sure have been hopping down the bunny trail.

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Jane, your probably right. When I start hauling totes out for the 4th, I'll probably find the last one. The egg hunt was alot of fun. She didn't win a big basket (tho her cousin did) but got a big bag and it had several veg. and flower seeds as well as candy so it was alot fun. They had one age group with red and green eggs. So looked like Christmas!

I filled 114 eggs and hid them here for her. She was thrilled and I couldn't believe I had filled that many. She doesn't even eat much candy but her cousins love it.haha

Luvs, hope you set some more of your Easter decor out. Another reason one should always check in her huh? Bet DGD is a big help and now reads to you.

Candy, I wish you was here and you could have the whole glass egg filled with choc candy bars. No one ate any so I need to take them to the business and let others enjoy.

Thanks so much for looking and all your sweet comments. Hope all of you had a great day. It was in the 50's here and so nice for a change.


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Punk...I am lovin' that color combo in the place settings! Wowser! That purple grass filler & the glassware...just so perfect! And those big eggs on each plate...love 'em ...your gift centerpc from DD works wonderful w/the big eggs!Love the beaded garland w/that cute cookie jar, too!

Always candlelight...your motif...so I can see why you added more...lovely! Also looks like you used lace over another t'cloth...whatever, it's pastel colors are lovely & with the lacey placemats...looks great!

Glad to hear it was a fun time for your DGD!...we can only spoil 'em for so long...so might as well do it! ;-) TFS this fun Easter table! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I'm still smiling over your picture of you and DGD playing with the chicks. GKids are so special. I'm hoping one day to be a part of DGS's life too. Right now I only send gifts and hope he knows they are from us.Sigh

Thanks for all the sweet comments on this table.


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Punk, its all been said so forgive me if I add a HUGE Ditto here. Your table is delightful and I've scrolled up several times to look more. The big glass egg is really neat. Great centerpiece, made me smile. And the purple grass! We do have great Enablers here, teaching us not to throw anything away as well as buy MORE stuff. LOL.
Your DD is pretty good at it too. ;o)

What a good grandma you are, loading so many eggs. WOW!
I'm betting that little one is a tiny bit spoiled by you, and she's one lucky little girl.

Have to laugh at how many of us "lose" things.. and find them during the wrong holidays for them too. Or find them in strange places. LOL.

Luvs, of course you can't concentrate on decorating and its a 'big deal' that you can do any at all I think. I hope seeing your pretty things brings you some cheer and makes you feel good. Having a few festive things set out is good for the soul I think.

hugs, Karen

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That is just adorable! I just love those aqua eggs!

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