New Buyer - Need advice on appliances

LaljiApril 6, 2012

Hello All,

My wife and I have just purchased our new house and I would really appreciate any appliance advice I can get. So far, after reading many reviews, I've decided to go with the list below, but I want to make sure it is the absolute best choice.

Keep in mind, we are not chefs, but I love to cook and would like something that is reliable and provides great quality.


Samsung RF4287HARS


Thermador DWHD651GFP

Gas Range Top:

Wolf 36â - 6 Sealed Burner


36â Chimney Hood with 1200 CFM internal blower


LG (LG3875PKG)




Dacor Wall Oven (MORS130S)

Microwave (NEED HELP HERE):

Dacor Microwave (DCM24S) with trim (ACTK30S)

Warming Drawer (NEED HELP HERE):

Dacor Warmer (MRW30S)

Thank you in advance for your help,


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These are some of the reviews on the Dacor oven you are looking at. I had one of their ovens with the Discovery controller and their ER36D range in 08 and they finally bought them back when they never could get the ovens to work after many many visits. Their service @ corporate level was horrible.
I replaced the wall oven with an Electrolux at about half the price and it has been great. It preheats very quickly and bakes very evenly. Search Electrolux on this board and you will see it gets good reviews and any problems have been resolved.

My range now is a Wolf with sealed burners and I love it as well-suits me to a T. If you do a lot of very high heat cooking-stir fries, large amounts of pasta, you might want to look at Bluestar or Capital Culianrian. They have many ardent fans. I like the ultra low dual stack burners of the Wolf. It is very low on all the burners and if you have smaller pans you can use the simmer burner in back for that. It has plenty of heat for me to sear steaks and stir fry for two and I don't care if pasta water takes a few minutes more to heat up. We entertain a lot and like to be able to hold pans for awhile with absolutely no worries of scorching. You can read lots of posts about these three different types of burners and you have to think about how you cook and what is important to you.
Have you considered induction in your decision makng process? Many people on these boards also love it.

As far as a washer I am more of a fan of the top loader and like the old fashioned Speed Queen. We own several of these in our business and they go all day-no problems on any of them and they really get stuff clean. It does use more water if that is an issue for you. They do have a front loader as well but I don't have any experience with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dacor reviews

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Thank you Wekick.

I will look at the Electrolux ovens shortly. How do you feel about having mixed brand appliances?

As for induction, no - we haven't given it a thought. We prefer sealed gas over induction.

Thank you so much for all your advice!

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We have Kitchenaid frig, Electrolux oven, Wolf range,Bosch dishwasher, Ge MW. I just picked what best met our needs as do many on this forum. Some though, are uncomfortable with that and want matching appliances, so only you can know what you are comfortable with.

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I wouldn't give mixing brands a second thought. Do you only buy one brand of furniture or clothing or electronics? I'll bet no. You buy what best suits your needs and gives you the best performance within your budget. That's what you should do for your appliances as well. Especially as they are big ticket items used daily with the expectation of years of service.

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