Dishwashing Detergent Capsules: Environmentally Friendly?

wawCooksApril 30, 2013

Hi...we are about to order our appliances. I have never used dishwashing detergent capsules. I have tried to research whether the Thermador Star-Sapphire DW must be run with capsules or is just better with them. I haven't found much info to answer that question. I have found that Method's dish tabs are environmentally friendly and come unscented. Has anyone successfully used them with a Bosch or Thermador (or Miele for that matter)?

I will post separate questions about the appliances we are narrowing down to in another post.

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You can use the Thermador with absolutely any detergent you'd like - tablets, powder, gel...


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Great. THANKS! Cheryl

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I've tried to find out 'why the capsules?'. It seems convenience and ease of use.
Pre-measured etc. Or maybe with powder, if your cup/fill spot is awkward, the powder granules could prevent the 'door' from activating properly. I use SeventhGeneration powder, not pods. And yes, it has popped open when it should not...jury still out on that one. I also prefer to control how much i use.
I may use a bit less detergent for a lighter load. My old washer was hard to load with powder, went everywhere so switched to SGen gel.
More important i think, with the new washers using less water and working more efficient, is to take advantage of the settings. I use the ECO setting 9 out of 10 times. A gunkier, stickier meal, i will boost the setting a bit higher/stronger.

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