Cleaning granite countertop that has mouse droppings

makeparApril 9, 2009

the header says it. we have some persistant mice in our basement ant kitchen,

aside from proactive steps . . . what dis-infectant can i use on the countertop?

we've always used glass plus (no amonia(sp?)) to clean it. we were told not to use amonnia on it for cleaning . . . now i'm looking for a dis-enfectant to knock out the germs and their spreading potential.

does anyone have a safe and reliable product that will work on this countertop?

all suggestions greatly appreciated (so much for our dream kitchen!).

thank you robert a.

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Eeewww! I'd wipe down with a very diluted (ten to one) solution of bleach and water. That's what hospitals use on hard surfaces.

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You should check with your local granite suppliers to be sure, but I think the problem with disinfectants on granite is that it could remove the sealer, which should be reapplied periodically anyway. Mine comes in a spray can and it just sprays on. So -- my point is you can disinfect, then reseal if necessary. But if you can't get rid of the nasty vermin, you'll have to keep doing it. Eucalyptus oil is a safe disinfectant, I think. You can mix it in a spray bottle with water. Whether it will be strong enough or if it will break down the granite sealer -- I'd check with the tile and stone experts on the kitchen forum. I use vinegar and water on my tile floors, but on sealed granite -- again, the kitchen people are a good source of information. You should get plenty of opinions anyway. Good luck

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