NN help with vanity tower.

lilloApril 24, 2013

My vanity tower should be 24" wide by 15 " deep . I haven't decided on the height yet . It wil centered between the double sinks with 2 doors . The question is should I make it to open in the middle as one cabinet , or should I make it as 2 separate cabinets so the doors will open opposite to each other ?

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Definitely, have it open in the middle as one cabinet. Are you thinking of having two separate 12" towers? I would not do that, you'll be wasting a lot of space, and I'm sure it would be way more expensive. If not, I don't really understand the question, because isn't there only one way to have a 2 door cabinet?

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If you open in the middle, the entire interior width of the cabinet is available for use. To make the doors open opposite each other (hinged in the middle), you would end up with 2 separate, but narrow spaces and likely have to use 2 cabinets butted up to each other which will increase your costs (cheaper to build/buy 1-24" cabinet than 2-12" cabinets). With all that being said, I'd go for opening in the middle. If you want separation, you can always add an interior divider later and you can decide on which individual shelves you want the divider to be located.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you mydreamhome and raehelen for your feedback . Yes Raehelen i was considering having 2 separate towers attached to each other , so I will have mine and my husband has his , and each one will open it his side , like the tower I am copying off of houzz . However , as you said it will take away from the space and will be more expensive . I will just stick with one tower opening in the middle. Thank you again.

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Why don't you have one cabinet with two doors, with the hinges in the middle of the cabinet? Then you both can easily access your own side of the cabinet without having to reach around an open door. The hinges mount at the top and bottom of the cabinet, rather than to a side of the cabinet.

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Thank you catbuilder that is a good idea , I like it a lot . I was really bothered by the idea of going around the opened door . I'll tell my contractor to do That on Monday .

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