Does Roomba work with Hardwood & rugs with dogs?

nucciaApril 20, 2008

I don't vacuum my floors as frequently than I should, and was wondering if the Roomba would work well for my situation.

My first floor is about 2000 sq ft and mostly hardwood with some tile. We also have a few area rugs and two dogs (vizslas). My questions are: does the Roomba make the transition from hardwood to carpet and back again? Do your dogs interfere with it and keep it from going where it should?

I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience with the Roomba.

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works great! I have laminate wood and tile downstairs and a golden retriever that sheds and it has no problems.

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I LOVE my roomba. We have 5 (yes FIVE) boxer dogs, and a Roomba 535. It works fabulously on hard floors and tile. I wish I had bought one long ago.

I was most concerned about how difficult it might be to keep our boxers from "Playing" with it. However, they have never been interested in doing so at all. Yes, it can transistion to different types of floors.

The newer models (the 500 series) are better than earlier models. Costco has a pretty good deal on one. There is info Roomba Review out there in cyberspace with lots of people's input.

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Thanks! I also posted on Kitchens forum and they seem to love it as well (except for a couple who got lemons)

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