HEPA vacuum and steam cleaner for carpet

strayerdarbApril 28, 2013

I need to make 2 purchases:

A vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter that is not too heavy.


A steam cleaner for carpet that I can do myself and gets hot enough to make real steam and has good exctraction.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I'm very happy with my dyson and it isn't heavy at all. Most complaints people have are people who don't ever change the post motor filter on a dyson, it's cheap change it once a year, less if it's not dirty and wash the reuseable one.

For a steam cleaner I use a hoover but it is not hot enough to create steam, but I didn't want one that could. Hot water i enough to clean carpets, the minute you bring steam in you risk setting a stain. If you really want one that will steam, I'm not sure.

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