How to remove spilled soda from wood parquet floors

roguebabeApril 10, 2006

Accidently knocked a 2 liter bottle of Rootbeer soda off the counter top. It fell to the floor and exploded all over the floor, cabinets, fridge, ceiling. I have mopped the wood parquet floors 10 times, but I they still feel sticky. Initially we tried spot cleaning with 409 Orange Cleaner. Then we switched to Mr Clean. The floor is still sticky. What is safe to use on wood parquet floors that will get rid of the stickiness?

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I am afraid that the orange stuff has made the finish on your floor sticky....partially dissolved it.
If it's the soda....just water will remove it.....remember...water dissolves sugar. Never any need to use soap of cleaner of any kind on a sugar spill....but when there is grease involved ( as with ice cream ) you need a detergent.
Linda C

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