Floor Plan Feedback please!

agentslimMarch 5, 2012

Here's a layout that we finally like. We are close to approving the design. Let me know what you guys think please! We are in our late 20's, no kids. Live in California and it gots hot in the summer. The home will be facing the east so the west sun will be pounding the back of the home so the master needed to be protected. Any feedback would be great!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Because the photo is small, I'm having trouble figuring out what some things are.... any chance you can make it bigger?

I will say... the split garages like that might make the home look like a duplex.

If you want the master to have less sun, you might want to flip the orientation of the house (so the master is on the North side.) From my experience in my East-facing home, the south side gets A LOT of bright sun.

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I tried but it is so small and light that I couldn't really tell what was what.

You might want to make your door from your breakfast room swing outward onto the patio if it is covered. I don't think you'll have space for the door to swing in without hitting the table and chairs.

Would love to see more, but couldn't make it out!

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How can I make it the photo bigger?

We can't flip the orientation, we are in a residential neighborhood.

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I agree with the door in the breakfast room being a problem. I would move it to the family room in place of the window closest to the kitchen. That is a natural "hall" anyway.

I can't really see well enough for anything else.

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Is it typical to have a 4-car garage for a three bedroom house? Are the lots big enough to turn at least one of the garages sideways?

What is the closed off room behind the LR fireplace accessible only through the master closet?

I would switch the toilet location with the shower location and you may also get a bigger shower out of it too. The husband's vanity could be smaller than the wife's.

I would want access to the back porch from the master suite.I would also have an alternate entry into the master closet in the bedroom, I think.

I think I would have the right garage enter through the laundry and combine it into a mudroom.

Having a closet open so close to the bed in the right corner bedroom makes a night stand on that side impossible, and that little niche is kinda weird. I would resolve that.

I agree about the breakfast room door. Put it in the great room. I would have at least one other exterior door in that greatroom to the porch.

The kitchen layout looks odd with regard to island placement and size.

I don't love the clipped corners in the lower left hand corner.

All in all I think it is a decent plan, but those are my questions or concerns at this point.

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The 4 car garage is for the symmetrical look for the elevation. This home was our inspiration.

The space behind the great room accessible only via the master closet is a hidden closet/panic room.

We played around with entry through the laundry room to double as a mud room but the transition to the dining room didn't work out with the size on the plot plan.

I will try to work out the awkward kinks in the rooms. Thanks for the feedback!

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I agree that it looks like a duplex. I also dislike that my eye is drawn to the garage doors rather than the main volume of the house. Regarding the floor plan, I find the lack of privacy in the great room (via the entry) disconcerting.

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I think I would just move the door from the right garage over into the laundry area and straighten the hall there, not reconfigure anything really.

Is there any way to make the garage doors look less forbidding? I think the shape makes an interesting entry court, but the doors are kind of a blank on your inspiration house. If you are going for that South American or Southern European blankness of facade thing, that's okay.

In some subdivisions, this type of prominent garage is not allowed, but there are plenty of houses around here that present a blank to the street and are very open in back.

The one thing that I notice design-concept-wise is that a rigid formality is set up from the facade of the house and the front entry and then it is immediately broken by the presentation of the corner of the great room. This isn't easily resolved but one would expect the great room to be centered, at least in some visual sense, on the entry. If you flipped the back half of the plan (from the transverse hall back), you might end up more centered, with some tweaking.

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This has probably already been mentioned...but why not have the breakfast room wall, line up with the kitchen wall? You could use the space and it would get rid of that little 'odd space' in the bedroom.

The garages do look like a duplex...maybe make the laundry a little smaller and add a fourth bedroom, where the right side garage is now?

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Great I am extending the kitchen wall to get rid of that odd space in the bedroom. The designer liked created that to have a nice ending for the kitchen cabinets. Our Lot space has a lot of setback requirements so to maximize our space the nook as to be like that. We never thought it was a duplex looking home but since the majority here thinks so I guess it does! We like the privacy of not having our home exposed to the street. It creates a nice natural courtyard as well. Here is another version of the duplex house that we liked. I like this one a bit more.

We like the circular driveway as well.

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If you're set on the two garages, then that's what works for you, but one more idea...

If you're going to have such a formal layout, I'd put the two kid/guest bedrooms on the same side and have the master suite, on the other. If there's room, keep the other bedroom as an office, by the master suite.

Bump out the other bedroom wing, if necessary...since that will make the back more formal, too. That will give you a courtyard feel in the back...maybe even room for a pergola. Just another idea.

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