Easter Table

slinkeyApril 12, 2011

I put this table together today...it's been a while since I've done a table... (not like Kathleen/Candy or Punk) the 'Duracell Bunny's Sisters'... I'm pooped!!

These flowers were originally DD's, from Michael's.

I only took Half of what she had, to make this arrangement.

I only found three of these plates (Laura Ashley) from GW last yr @ $1 ea. I'm on the hunt for one more.

I layered them with Godinger Chargers (etsy)... my 'freebee' Staffordshire Floral Plates..White Plates TJM and Pink Bowls CTS.

The Pink Glassware was from the Ultimate Garage Sale -..Small Stems - Consighment Shop - both 2 yrs ago.

All the Chocolate Bunnies...were the ones I made last yr with the kids - (chalkware).. using my antique choco molds.

Different Lighting - the little bunny bowls are CB and the pink bunny egg cups are CTS.

Here's the small black hutch in the DR. This time around I used some of my White Ironstone..and snuck Punk's White Basket..it fits in beautifully - don't you think?

The small white birds are from Michael's.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I wish I bought another large Cloche well I was in HG the other day, and there it was a lone Cloche just waiting for me to take it home!! whooohooo!! The little yellow bird was also from Michael's.

The nest I had from another cloche that I bought from CTS last yr.

HOpe you enjoyed looking...hope to get some more done soon.


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Ooops... I forgot to add this Picture of the Bunny Vignette CP in different lighting.. I know I beat it to death...but I LOVE Vintage Holiday Decor!

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Of course I love your table! The chocolate chalkware bunnies are terrific; you know I love all those antique things you have. The pink glassware looks so pretty. I have some inexpensive pink glass dishes, with the ribbed trim that you see everywhere. Are these depression glass? They're such a pretty color.

Where on earth do you get such perfectly layering plates? All mine seem to be the same size, and when I try to layer them, well--guess I've got a lot to learn!

Now I like those pink petaled bowls, but actually this third picture is a disappointment. I thought you might be getting tired of those CB Easter dishes...(ha! ha!)

Seriously, I also like the eggs in the nests. Just the right touch of color.

All the things in the cloches are wonderful; as usual, I come away wishing I had your talent.

- Magpie

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Jane, love your Easter table. Wonderful job layering all the beautiful dishes on your stunning Godinger Chargers. So many patterns that look beautiful together and topped with a ruffled bowl and nest. Your choc. bunnies, egg cups, bowls, nests and both sets of glasses are so pretty.

Great job on the cp with DD's flowers. Love the way you arranged the mix of lillies and little wisps. The Vintage decor at the base is adorable.

Beautiful job decorating your hutch. Love all the white dishes and just a few touches of color. The birds on the candleabra are sweet and look nice with your decorated cloche and other birds. The little bunnies beside your basket with eggs look nice and I love your framed Easter picture.

Your amazing at creating tables and I always enjoy looking.


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Slinkey, I double-ditto the other gals! What a wonderful table you put together. And that centerpiece..WOW. (I have got to start looking at YELLOW flowers I guess! I can't over how lovely that arrangement is).

And all the birdies on the hutch are right up my alley. I'd add birds and rabbits to EVERY thing if I had my way.
Wait, I already do...but I mean for the rest of you. LOL.

Anyway, I really think your Easter decor is wonderful.
hugs, Karen

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Jane, Such a pretty Easter table! I love that you photographed it in different light..looks wonderful in both.
Those chalkware bunnies are the perfect touch. The little bunny bowls are really cute, love the little nest baskets.
Your hutch looks great and Punk's basket is perfect there. The cloche is making me think that I should do one, That's what I need another addiction!! Your CP is terrific, I love vintage holiday decor also.

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Jane, I agree with all the wonderful comments above.
Everything is lovely. - Marylee

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Such a lovely Easter table! It's no wonder you are pooped! I am in love with the Godinger chargers. I sent a link to DH to add a set of them to my Christmas list (is it too early to be starting a list??). Your hutch looks wonderful with the white and Punk's basket. The cloche is just perfect! I love all of the vintage details and the lace placemats too!


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Ohhhhh my ... I am almost at a loss for words (not really)...

1st, your linens...the lacey t'cloth & placemats & how they just blend w/each other & create a subtle bkgrd for your Easter table...beautiful.

And your stacked place-settings, so rich & elegant ... those "chargers" are the start of it & the pink ruffled/flowery bowls the finish!...but then you add the natural nests/eggs for just the right amt. of Easter bling!

Of course, choosing the bunny bowls, eggcups, pink & crystal glassware, & flatware adds up to an A+ Easter t'scape!

Centerpc is drop-dead gorgeous (& you only used HALF of flowers)...the vintage card/bunnies...love 'em! & those yummy "looks so good to eat" choc bunnies bring family memories to your table!

Love everything, jane! (& I haven't even commented on the cupboard!) WOW! Will save that for another post! LOL! Beautiful, jane! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thank you ALL...it's so nice reading all your 'Positive' comments!

magpie...once again, you manage to make me 'look' at the way I decorate - through 'your eyes'..and I'm so flattered by your compliments. I think the pink glassware is Depression Glass.. I know they're old. As far as the layering of the dishes by size..I guess when you've collected enough, you can do that. Also I'm always looking for something that not only I like, but what works with what I have. Sorry - not tired yet of the CB dishes! lol

Punk...Glad you liked everything...and I just loved putting your basket among my white ironstone..it fits in perfectly...and also receiving it was perfect timing too!

Karen...I think YOU are the one who enabled ..uh influenced me on having Bird/Rabbits from when I first saw your fabulous collections.

nana...Seems I take pictures with a couple of different settings and sometimes can't decide which I like best...so that's when I post both. Those little nests were from CTS I think last yr...I didn't see them this yr..in fact they didn't have many 'unusual' decorations this yr as they used to.

Kath...never too early to get your Christmas List going!
Also helps hubby 'plan ahead' for it...lol
I was ready to order those chargers in the silver finish too..they were on sale, but I waited too long and I didn't want to pay full price...So I'm just biding my time.

Gee Jeanne...did this give you a 'Spark'!! lol
The table cloth was from GW last yr..it's actually a lovely coverlet with an embossed design on it.
The placemats were lace runners.
I decided I'd get more use by cutting and sewing them into placemats. As far as 'half' of the flowers..I told DD I probably would never have spent the money she did on ALL those flowers in my Lifetime!...She offered them and said If I didn't want them they were going to GW! So you know 'the rest of the story' !!

Marylee.. and everyone - thank you again.


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Jane, that looks lovely! I love the glassware, and such pretty plates.
I am so impressed with your bunnies!
Beautiful centerpiece!

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Yes, jane, you do give me "spark!" LOL! If I talked all that I wrote, I would be coughing! But I can type as much as I want!

I love all your white ironstone in your black hutch! And that new cloche display is just way CUTE! That yellow birdy is perfect for it's height w/the nest & goodies! Sweet! Always love seeing a vintage framed card...this one looks grand. Those little bunny egg cups are just the CUTEST, too! And, yes, the basket from punk fits perfectly! Tweet, tweet to Purplemoon for influencing you with bird decor....& the candleholder with the birds perching makes a unique pc! Love it all, jane! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I have to add my compliments to this table too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chargers, plates, and bowls. And your vintage type decorations are wonderful..everything looks so inviting!

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Well done! That is a very pretty table. You have a lovely dining room already with windows, and the chairs. I am impressed with the chocolate (chalkware) bunnies. You should do a hutch vignette with the molds and show us all how you make them. More work right?


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Very pretty table, Jane, and I love all your vintage pieces. I agree that your dishes stacked up just perfectly, that's not always easy to do. Love all the whiteware and Punk's bowl fits in perfectly too. Bet your grandkids enjoy it too, don't they? Luvs

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Kathleen...thanks for looking and the nice compliments.
(recognize the bowls)? I got them in two colors from CTS.

Jeanne...Hope you're doing better.
I'm laughing over - your fingers typing lots of words - don't cause coughing!! Type away girl...love all your wonderful comments. As far as the tweet - tweet to Karen..I think we're ALL guilty of doing that to ea other and that's why we keep coming back!

Marlene...thank you too! Glad you enjoyed everything.

Pat...I've posted pictures below - that I showed here last yr.
It shows the mold I used..the bunnies (before) and the kids painting them. I made a couple myself...we used (chocolate) colored paint from Michael's.
As far as a vignette with my molds...I have a small collection that I display on another little shelf unit. I have several different types.

Luvs...thanks for your sweet comments. I was so happy to put Punk's bowl on the shelf and add the eggs. She has great taste and timing!

Some of you might remember that after they made the bunnies...they wanted me to make baskets for them..and of course GMa couldn't say no!! As primitave as they are..they were happy with them.

Thanks again everyone.

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