Shower Pan vs. Tile

GreenDog194April 8, 2012

I dread having a shower with a floor made of tiles and grout lines. I bet it could be made waterproof with something I've heard called "kerdi." But that would not avoid a life time of going after grout. (Is there a bombproof grout out there?)

I think I like the idea of a shower pan.

Our house is a 50s house and we are going with a mix of clean / contemporary and staying as true to the Midcentury as we can in our remodel. We will add a new bathroom in the lower level that will have a shower and no bath.

I saw this shower pan and thought it looked great:

Trouble is these seem to all be European models. Anyone see anything similar in the US?

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Yes, go to your local HD or Lowes.

We done it twice and would do it again. This one was a 48" pan and we added a seat in the space between the pan and the wall:

This one replaced a full size tub.

Oops, and yes it's the same tile in both showers. Different houses. I used it again for another house. I keep telling myself I need to pick something different but for some reason I am drawn to this tile - probably the price :)

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I love what you've done with the pan - how are you finding the shower curtain vs. having a glass door? I want to do this with my shower and my husband thinks the curtain will blow all over the place.

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HI ellejay,

The shower curtain works fine. I've had shower doors before and prefer a curtain.

Just get a good quality shower curtain, not a cheap flimsy one. We do not have any problems with water getting on the bathroom floor.

I was worried about the 48" shower because of the seat, but it worked out fine.

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Don't see why you couldn't use one of those UK shower trays if they'll ship one overseas - you may need an metric-to-US pipe thread adapter for the drain, but otherwise should work fine.

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What size shower pan/make of the shower pan is that one that replaced the full sized tub?

And, do you find that 2 people can shower in either of your setups?

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@kirkhall - Yes we got it at Home Depot:

Yes, two people could shower in either of those though the 48" one was a little tight.

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