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jondoe888April 6, 2011

I am in Atlanta, and have been thinking of buying a pressure washer (w/ tank and trailer). I know nothing about the business and little about the operations part.

There are a lot of them being sold on c-list, which makes me wonder if this is a viable business (I realize the business depends on getting your name and face out there).

I would be VERY interested in talking to someone outside the area. Thanks!

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The easiest way to learn how to use a power washer is to first understand how the power washing systems work. There are four basic elements of the power washing process regardless of what machine or method you use. The four elements and power washer tips are: pressure, water flow rate, cleaning solution and heat. If we take out just one of these four elements, the cleaning characteristics will change.

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If you are looking for cleaning interior surfaces of your home then go for electric pressure washer otherwise for cleaning outdoor spaces and surfaces, fuel powered pressure washer will do.

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What can you clean inside a home with a pressure washer?

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Garage floor is the only thing I can think of in the house using a power washer. I have used one several times, takes lots of work out of scrubbing tire residue from floor.

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Are you asking because you are thinking of starting a business? In my area you have to have a license from the state. I believe you also must take a test. This also requires bonding and insurance. You might want to check out the requirements in your area before making any purchases.

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