New on to me. Have you heard of cleaning glass with foil?

lurkandkibitzApril 18, 2011
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I save all my little bits of foil. I re-use them to cover my dog's half-used cans of food. But I never tried them for cleaning glass. I had a friend who used only steel wool pads to do her dishes. She was a cleaning maniac. She deep-cleaned her home every week. Me, when the foil gets worn out, gets holes, I transfer them to my town recycling bin. My town recycles glass, metal, certain plastics, newspaper and cardboard. I am happy to do my part. I also give old clothing and shoes to a charity that picks up. I gave them my old coffee maker last year. I have a bag out for them today. But enough about me. Stepping down from the podium.

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I've never tried that. I have the best luck with a Squeegee cleaning glass and mirrors than anything I've ever tried. And even more crazy is that I don't have to use any kind of cleaner. Just a damp rag ran over the mirror or glass, then squeegee it down really well and there are no streaks at all. My mirrors and windows aren't very dirty though. If they were greasy or had cigarette smoke on them, probably dish soap and or vinegar and a squeegee.

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