burned-on spots on new white enamel range top

talley_sue_nycApril 16, 2004

We got a new gas range--white enamel. My DH was cooking spaghetti in the big pot, which has some old gunk on the outside. And when he got done--boiling water only, no sauce, and no overflowing--there were black carbonized spots all around the burner. We tried soaking them, and scrubbing them w/ the plastic scrub pad. We also tried Goo Gone.

The scrubbing and soaking worked on some, but not all.

I'm afraid of damaging the finish, plus this is taking forever and I don't know if it's going to be successful. Any idea for how to get them off?

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Try ceramabrite or some other cleaner made for those ceramic cooktops. It may work! I use the ceramabrite with a waffle weave dishcloth and it seems to work better than the scotchbrite pad.

Also everyone raves about barkeeper's friend. If ceramabrite doesnt work, try it!

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Cameo is what I use. It's a Barkeepers Friend type of cleaner, only better.Sandy

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Talley Sue, Wait. Before using any of the scouring powders on the fine enamel finish, I would try baking soda on a wet cloth. I believe it is the least abrasive. Yes, it will take a while & you just have to "zen out" & GENTLY work on one spot at a time. It would be good to soak the area first with a hot, wet cloth.

If you still have the owner's manual for the stove, see if they tell you what to use. Or if they have a phone number to call with such a question.

An oven cleaning product is the thing to dissolve the carbonized spillage. Barkeepers and the like are acid based scouring products I believe--can't verify it at the moment. But whether the modern environmentally friendly finishes will withstand the chemical approach is quite suspect and I would try the product on a tiny, out of the way area with a colored cloth so you can see if any of the finish is being lifted.

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One more thing. Oven cleaner will attack aluminimum trim with a vengeance. It will mark others. If you try it, keep it off any non-enamel surface. Enamel means different things to different folks so do test before using. At least it won't scratch. And of course modern oven cleaners don't have the guts the old kind did so maybe it isn't an issue.

Best call the manufacturer.

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Cameo is benign on enameled gas burners. I've been using it on a clients gas range for over five years now with no negatives.Oven cleaner is good. I use it outside . Put the burners on newspaper so you don't kill the grass.For double the fun you can set the burners in your shower(if it is tile) and clean the soap scum while the burners are being cleaned.Sandy

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Cameo may be benign on enamel as a chemical, but it IS abrasive....put it on, but don't rub.
Linda C

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Mr Clean magic eraser will take that off...no abrasives at all!!! I just finished cleaning my burners yesterday...it worked like "magic" for sure!!

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also note, this is not the burners--it's the range top. I bet the enamel on it isn't quite as tough as on the gray burners.

Thanks for the ideas!

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Look at the bright side! Now you've gotten the first 'ding in the new car' so to speak! Have you seen the faucet commercial where the husband and wife are so in awe of their new kitchen and new faucet that they won't turn the water on? :-)

Let us know what ends up taking care of it!

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Mr Clean Magic Eraser worked for me on that stuff-- on my mom's stove-- it took off stuff she has never been able to get off!

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Talley Sue, I feel your pain.
After remodeling our kitchen I chose a middle-end self-cleaning electric stove. I can't believe how hot to the touch the top gets. So much harder to clean too. I will have to try some of the above suggestions. I HATE to cook on the darn thing because it's so hard to clean up.
Next kitchen remodle will consist of a microwave and vending machines only ;)

To think I gave up my almond-colored 18 yr old, still working, stove. Now I know how my Mom felt two years ago when she had to give up her 1949 Tappan. Still working perfectly and in beautiful like-new condition! They sure don't make stuff like they did in the "old days" LOL

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Sorry, I can't help you either. If you find anything that works, please share! I have a fairly new gas stove also, and have a few of those spots. I had the old stove scratched up using all those "friendly" "non scratch" products and when it died, I was sure going to take better care of my new one. I tried baking soda with the best results however the larger spots, it wouldn't help. I also tried that new product that you spray on and let sit, I used it sparingly as not to ruin the enamel but it did not work at all on those spots.

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I ran across an aerosol can of "Cooktop Magic." It worked! There are still a few little flecks, but they're gradually coming up.

There's a cream for glass-top and ceramic stovetops. This is the aerosol (same logo), and I don't remember now whether it specifically SAID enamel, but it doesn't seem to have damaged it at all.

I never did get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Still want to, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: here it is!

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