Round two... please review floor plan!

britwootenMarch 20, 2014

Thank you all so much for helping with my last floor plan! After taking into consideration everyone's SUPER HELPFUL advice and working for weeks without completely fixing all of the problems, I went back to the drawing board! I finally let go of that dream kitchen/hearth layout due to being limited to a 73 feet wide footprint. Darn it!

Any ways, a quick summary: We want a 1 story house, 4 bedrooms with ideally 3 1/2 baths. Bonus above garage and walk out basement is ideal (our lot slopes). We live on our porches, so a decent size front and back porch are necessary for us (even though it blocks light inside). We live in the South so we use our porches for a big portion of the year.

Anyways.... I have a few concerns right off the bat that I have yet to figure out with this plan. First, the guest (near garage) bath is pretty tight. I could make it a pocket door to help a bit. I plan on putting one sink on the far left of the vanity. I know it is not a grand space, but will this work or do I need to reconfigure closet somehow to gain bathroom space?

There is currently not a utility closet on the kitchen side of the house. There is that dead space between the stairs, however, that is 1'11"2 wide (interior wall to interior wall). Is there a way I could use that for a small closet? I will house the vacuum in the laundry room as most of the carpet will be on that side of the house (bedrooms). However, I will need a space for brooms, mops, etc. Another option I was toying with was to create a wide "broom closet" in that wall of 18" cabinetry behind the island. I actually really like the idea of the broom being so accessible to the kitchen.

There will be mudroom cabinetry in the garage. Would love to get it in the house, but I just don�t think it is possible ☺

Just a note: I plan on swapping the orientation of the second bathroom so that the small linen closet will be on the opposite side and will not interfere as much with foot traffic of bedrooms.

Door swing going to the basement interferes with garage door swing. Not sure there is any way to remedy that. The basement will be unfinished for some time, so I think a door is necessary.

Master Bedroom closet is not the most efficient use of space. Currently (with the door access to the laundry), one wall will have to be shelving because there is not 24" between wall and laundry room door. I can removed said door and gain that back wall in hanging space. However, I use lots of shelving in my closet, so I am not sure that will make it any more efficient for me. I just can�t figure out how to reconfigure the closet/bathroom space to make the layout any more efficient.

Lastly, the master bathroom is not huge. I am thinking about leaving that opening to the "water closet" open to make it feel more spacious. Ideally I would like 1 more foot between the tub and shower (currently 2�6").

I am sure there are lots more issues too :)

Any help would be appreciated! You all are SO helpful!

We pushed all of our meetings back after receiving so much helpful criticism on our last plan, so we are scrambling to have a better working idea by March 2nd (date we rescheduled our appointments for).

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If I'm reading this correctly, the bathroom attached to the bedroom on the left hand side of the plan is verrrrry tight. Barely room to move in there, especially with the door swing. Same for the bathroom by the other bedrooms. Where are you planning on putting the sinks? To use the sink, you will either be standing in the door path or on the toilet.

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Thanks for your feedback! Is this much better for the bedroom/bathroom by the garage? Changed it to a pocket door and expanded a bit. The little nook would maybe be open shelving for towels and such? Or make it a bit deeper and do a linen closet. Still not sure what I can do about the other bath... will keep working on it.

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I can't really figure out a way to make the other bathroom (on the right side of the house) any better. I did switch it around to eliminate the problem with the linen closet door opening into the bedroom doors. The width between the tub and the counter is 5' and the distance between the wall with the door and the back wall is 6'7". Do you think that is enough space? We had a bathroom in our last house that was set up this exact same way and I think the distance between the tub and vanity was actually a bit smaller than 5' and it seemed fine. The door is 2'6". Should I take it down to 2'4"?

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It would help to know the dimensions. The first one look more workable now. Still now sure about #2. :)

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Sorry, here you go! I will post them separately.

Bathroom near garage. I moved out that exterior wall by 10 inches or so to recess bathtub. Hope this helps!

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I have two options for other bathroom.

The first is the same bathroom but different layout. Is this functional or still too small?

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The second option is to push out that entire front bedroom by 6 inches and allocate the space to the hallway/bathroom.

I still would not put an additional sink so no real foot traffic between toilet/vanity.

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