Cutting marble tile without a wet saw?

linnea56April 24, 2014

I know this is Bathrooms, but there is no tiling forum!

I just bought a vintage Eastlake oak plantstand that has an inset panel in the top that was upholstered. If I remove that (it�s already loose), it would look perfect with some green marble tile I have left over from a project. The only trouble is that the tile is 12 x 12 inches, whereas the open space is 11 x 11 inches. So I would need to cut down 2 sides to make it fit. I don�t know anyone with a wet saw.

I have a tile scoring and breaking tool from a ceramic tile project. Would that work on marble tile?

The one I have is similar to the one is the link. The way it works is first you score the surface, then set it over a ridge and apply pressure using the lever arm.


Here is a link that might be useful: tile cutter

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I know this isn't really the answer for the way you asked your question, but I find that a cheapo snag grinder, perhaps fifteen dollars on sale at Harbor Fright, along with a 4 inch dry diamond blade, perhaps the same price for a three pack, does wonders in what I do.

I do renovations, and the second biggest problem for the mech that does renovations is the sheer number of tools one needs because s/he doesn't specialize and is called upon to do, well, anything and everything.

That means using one tool for many different things. Thus the little hand grinder that is really terrible if you try to do even a small job but can do just exactly what you want to do short of polishing the edges.

Six different tile setter guys just swore in disgust.

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Take your tile to Lowes and have them make the cuts. They charge something for each cut but they have a nice saw and you only have two cuts.

To answer your question, no a snap cutter will not cut marble that I know of. But of course you could try and let us know, but I doubt that it will work.

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linnea, your link leads to a score and snap. Don't use that on a natural stone like marble.

Score and snap cutters work on man made (ceramic) tile because the body and glaze is perfectly uniform throughout the tile. The score creates a uniformly weak spot in the tile, so the snap follows that weak line, giving a nice straight edge.

With a natural stone like marble, the marble has fissures, grain, it has natural fault lines within the tile that run this way and that. It's far from uniform in its makeup and composition.

You might be able to score a straight line, but there's no guarantee the snap would follow that scored line.

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I figured my little score and snap device would not work on stone. But thought I should check before dismissing it. Thanks.

LoweâÂÂs has a wet saw? Wow. IâÂÂll call them tomorrow, and see if they will do it on tile that is not bought from them.

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You can certainly have Lowe's do it for you. Alternatively, there are some cheap (under $100) wet saws from there or HD that will work. Snap cutters will NOT do the job....

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I don't want to buy a wet saw, since I don't anticipate any future need for one.

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You can rent a wet saw from a big box store.

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