Tiniest 'wet room' and walk-in pantry--too tiny ?

putschkiMarch 20, 2012

Hi everyone. Our design provides for a 9' wide x 30' mudroom that straddles the kitchen/FR and attached garage. It provides a family entrance for 3 kids, drop zone, laundry, and leads out to the pool. In addition to lots of storage on both sides of a 4'6" passage, I would like the mudroom to contain a walk-in pantry and a bathroom so the swimmers do their showering and pottying here. Do you think...

* 2'8" x 7'5" is too small for a walk-in shower and toilet used primarily by kids? Shower on one end, toilet on other, pocket door in between. I would be open to having this be a "wet room' where the whole room is tiled w/ floor drain (will have to figure out the toilet paper shelter), and also open to having no sink since the laundry sink will be right next to this bathroom

* 5' wide x 4'8" deep too tiny for a walk-in pantry to store food, Costco purchases, cleaning supplies ? I would probably do a cute long curtain in lieu of door. It would actually be a walk-thru pantry as it would be open to the kitchen on on end, to the mudroom on the other.

Thank you for your wisdom, home builders !


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I would try to go 36" wide. Other than that I think you are good, and you could still have a tiny handwashing sink. I would try to do an in-the-wall tank, wall hung toilet.

If the toilet paper is high up, and in a recessed holder you should avoid saturating it. You could also used a covered commercial holder.

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Hi Palimpsest. Thanks for weighing in. I agree 3' would be ideal if I'm willing to cramp the mudroom passageway. A tiny sink would also be ideal but I figure that area between the toilet and shower will also have to serve as the swimsuit-changing area, so may be better to keep it clear.

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Well, you need to have a sink, so I'm guessing it's in the mudroom area? I'd rather have more room in the bathroom/wet room, than the passageway. Do you have other access to the pool area..maybe from the kitchen or family room? Then, it's mainly kids, running back and forth to the pool.

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There could actually be a small sink mounted in the corner of the shower.

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