Getting hair off clothes in washer/dryer?

2ajsmamaApril 3, 2009

Short of brushing down every piece of clothing DD owns with a lint brush b4 putting it in the wash, how do I keep her hair from sticking to everybody else's clothes? I end up with hairballs in the washer and still have stuff coming out of the dryer with hair on them - DH is tired of having to pick it off his shirts and chinos!

We also have trouble with hair on the floor - carpets are OK, I don't have problem vacuuming it up (unlike my sister's hair, DD's is fine so never noticed it winding around roller brush, or my toes - and cutting off circulation!) But the tile and HW floors always have dust bunnies of hair around the baseboards - have to swiffer all the time. We even got a hairball stuck in wet paint low on the wall after painter came to touch up moving dings - now I have to skim and sand, repaint that area. DD just sheds like crazy!

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I would like to know the same thing except for cat hair. After I wash and dry my sheets there are still little clumps of fur on it.

PS: When my DD sheds too much I know it is time for haircut. Even just a trim will help.

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She just had a trim - hair is just to her shoulder blades now. DH keeps asking her if she wants her summer buzz cut when DS gets his!

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I used to be a dog groomer so lots of hair came home with me. I always give clothes a gentle shake before tossing them in the wash. Make sure the lint trap in the dryer is cleaned after each load. Toss in a microfiber cloth (I use the dishtowel size) and this will help trap any loose lint/strings/hair that are still on the clothes.

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Do you wash the microfiner cloth with the clothes or just throw it in the dryer (afraid it will burn if it's dry - I always air-dry them after washing b/c I'm afraid they'll shrink)? Thanks.

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I just toss mine in the dryer but I have run with the wash before. I don't worry about them shrinking. I buy the cheap dishtowel kind and cut them in 1/4.

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We learned of the microfiber suggestion on this forum and have used it in our dryer several times so far. It really works well. Haven't used it in the washer, though.

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I always use the loopy side of Velcro to remove hair from my tub drain, so....when I made the mistake of drying my cat bed in the dryer, I used the self adhesive Velcro (loopy side) to cover an old medicine bottle. I tossed the medicine bottle into the dryer and ran it for a short while. It did grab much of the cat hair, but not all.

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I use a combination of things in my clothes dryer-I use one dryer sheet (any brand) plus "dryer balls", They are 2 plastic balls, like tennis balls but covered with points. They make noise bouncing in the dryer but keep the lint down. I had a huge lint problem when I accidentally washed a load of laundry with one of my husband's used Depends .(Luckily it was wet not soiled0 Tiny white paper balls ended up on everything. I found the dryer balls in a local hardware store. Plus I and my 2 daughters all have longish hair, plus one dog and 2 cats to add to the mix. Good luck finding a solution!

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I also read online that re-washing an item with vinegar added to the washer will help. You might want to try adding a little vin. to your laundry.

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