Spring/Easter Table Centerpcs 'Tweaked a bit!'

jeannespinesApril 7, 2011

I "tweaked" a bit today...

changed the porch table from this:

to this:

Closer view of wire basket ...probably 10 yrs old or so & some eggs that are usually in a summer display on top of fridge...the cute little sign was a gift from GSon & his special lady last summer:

Since still battling the "crude," DH & I made a prescription run to CVS yesterday & I got some candy eggs...now I need to buy about 3 more sacks ...they are cookie'n'cream ones for 99 cts. bag (I liked the pastel foil colors)...here's where I used them on "tweaking" DR table:

Will get more daffodils when I get to grocery store ...but these I stole from my gardens today...faux timer lime green candle in backgrd.

Thanks to our, "luvs," on this forum, for the suggestion of my B&G planters looking for eggs! Won't they look nice when I get a couple more bags of eggs & spread them all around!

TFLookin'. Jeanne S.

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Oh I like how you added that wire basket to the bunnies!
Such a cute sign ..what a sweet gift from DGS and his lady! Love the natural eggs in it too.
Luv's idea of the Boy & Girl looking for eggs is really sweet...yep sweet! lol I'd be grabbing one everytime I pass it...I hope you have better will power! Nice 'tweaking' Jeanne...


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Thank you, jane...another trip to dr. today & another CVS stop for med...so got my additional "eggs" & a quick stop for a bouquet at Flowerama...part of 'em went in the little German girl's basket. And, you're right, jane...the plate may get emptier before Easter! GKids will eat 'em when they can come over later in the month. LOL! Think Spring! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, putting them on that little tray made the perfect place for the eggs. They look so cute--sweet and innocent. Love the addition of the purple with the yellow flowers too. That little wire basket was the perfect "tweak" for your table display. Isn't it neat when we look at something we've had around forever and find a new use for it? ;o) Luvs

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Jeanne, The wire basket with the eggs, and sign from your DGS and his Lady are the the perfect additions to your cute bunny display.
The flowers and candy eggs look great. Those eggs will be hard for your little boy and girl to resist LOL.
GREAT job tweaking.

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Marlene Kindred

Such pretty "tweaks" Jeanne! Love the wire basket with eggs and the little sign too. The flowers finish off your boy and girl vases too....and heck, those eggs wouldn't last through the weekend...much less til Easter! ;-)

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Love your tweaks, Jeanne! The daffodils add so much color!

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Jeanne, you are such a good lil' Tweaker! ;o)

I think that bashful little boy is hoping to impress the little girl with all the eggs he found for her.

love the wire egg basket!
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, love your new sign and the basket of eggs you used to complete your porch table. I may have to make one of those signs myself. Are the eggs real or wooden? Look real to me.

The addition of flowers and eggs to your DR table finishes it off nicely too. I bought DGD some cookies and cream eggs and I've wanted to put them out for myself but haven't yet.LOL


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Thanks, holiday-ers...for the "sweet tweak" comments!

punk...those eggs in the basket are faux ones (maybe wood material?)...not real heavy...I've had them a long time! They look real! And, yes, luvs, I've never moved stuff around in my house (much) until I met you all on the Holiday Forum! LOL! :-0

Those are my 1st blooming daffodils this Spring! Tulips coming soon! I love the sight of Spring!
Jeanne S.

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Well, I agree with what everybody else has already said.

You are a good tweaker. I really like the nest sign, and the wire basket.

The eggs do look real.

Great job!! I also do a lot more decorating now that the Enablers are rooting us on! LOL


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I like how you finished your 'Tweaking' on the B&G Jeanne.
The flowers and extra eggs look great and add a nice touch of color too.
I still would have a problem with those choco eggs tho!
I bought a bag the other day, and hid them away from >> ME! lol


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