Choosing a central vac system: bean, galaxie, drainvac

kj2000April 15, 2009

We have a ~4000sf home and we're installing central vac. I have three different choices: Beam 275c, Galaxie GA-100, or Drainvac.

I'm leaning towards the Beam since it seems to be of the highest quality and the design and reliability seems to be very good.

I'm not neccessairly trying to save some $$$ as much as make an investment in a quality system that will last 10+ years and be very reliable.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions in favor or against any one of these power units?

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I can't comment on the three that you're looking at but we had a hide-a-hose installed by Vacuflo in our new place. Sounds lame but I LOVE that the hose sucks into the wall. I LOVE MY VACUUM. And that is a comment on the state of my life at the moment :)

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Hi kj2000,

I have had a Beam system with a Stealth power head since mid-2005. There have been absolutely no problems, & like chinook, I love having a central vac.

Try a search of all forums for central vac. There are many comments & evaluations in the Building a Home, Cleaning & Appliances forums.

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