Chain saw leaked on garage floor

2ajsmamaApril 3, 2009

How do I clean the oil and gas mix that leaked from the chain saw all over the back corner of the (unsealed) concrete garage floor? Don't know how long it's been there, DH had it up on his car ramps behind the bikes, I saw it last night when taking the recycles out. He must have known it was leaking b/c he put paper towel (one!) under the handle, but it dripped down the ramps and all over the floor!

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People on forums who don't know the answer but say go ask somewhere else always annoy me but occasionally I do it myself and feel a bit ashamed of what I have just done.

I'm guessing, if you are in the US, there is a AutoZone, PepBoys or Kragen's nearby.

Were I to have the problem you described I would ask someone there. Not everyone who works these places is knowledgeable but some will be. Some of their websites boast of "tips".

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That's a good and helpful answer, Albert, because those stores sell the kitty-litter type stuff that you pour on and soak up the oil and grease.

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Kitty-litter will soak up the grease/liquid mix. It may take a week or so for it to pull up what it can.

After the litter stops absorbing the oil, use a dab of dish soap on a rag (do not mix any water with it- just straight soap on the oil spot) Rub it in good with a scrub brush, then break out the hose. If you are not able to hose out the garage use something less bubbly such as Simple Green- just use full strength and no water until you get worked into the spot good.

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Thanks. I'll make DH do it LOL.

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