Front Porch at Easter

christmascandyApril 15, 2010

This is the decor that was on my front porch for Easter.

I have since changed it to Spring decor, but haven't taken a picture yet.

Now I need someone to tell me how to post more than one picture with a post??

"It's always something"..Roseanne Rosanna Danna

Happy Spring,


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CUTE bunnies & I love the tree also!

Wow, Candy, you're ready to post multiple pics in a thread...well, after you've copy & pasted 1 HTML, then just go back & copy another HTML pic & put the cursor where you want the 2nd pic copied in the text area.

If you are posting another post on the same thread, sometimes you must change the subject line, like "adding a word at the end...for example above, "RE: Front Porch at Easter Add" or whatever word you want to use..then you can post another message. Clear as mud??? Go for it! Jeanne S.

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Cute bunnies, Candy. I especially like the boy/girl bunnies. I like your little tree with the pinecones too.

So what part of the country are you in? Have you always loved to decorate? Do you do tablescapes too? Tell us a little about yourself if you'd like--curious minds and all that!


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Candy, is that pink bunny metal? You did such a cute vignette on your porch!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, I'm going to give multiples a shot. May have to ask for help a couple of times.

Luvs, I have always loved to craft, sew, paint, decorate, and make things. I'm in CO so no CTS :( and spring is just thinking about arriving. Yes, I have started doing lots of tablescapes since I found the HGTV boards in Dec. and I now look at dishes in all the TS I frequent.

Karen, the pink bunny is basically just an outline cut out of lightweght wood that I found at the TS a few weeks ago.

Now, I have to go try to post multiple pics, Ha.
See ya,

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How cute!!
You have the perfect little nook for decorating and keeping things protected from the weather. Wonderful!

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Candy, cute front porch decorations. Love all the Bunnies! Will be looking forward to your Spring dec.


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Where did you get those adorable rabbits? I can't find any rabbit decorations for my porch.

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Wow, it was just a year ago that I was learning how to post pictures!!

Now you can't stop me. LOL


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Darlene, OOPS, I missed your question.
The large ones are painted canvas that I bought several years ago at Hobby Lobby after the holiday on clearance.
The smaller cream ones were Big Lots again, several years ago, and the pink outline bunny was a thrift store find last year.


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