So what are my options -- neoangle...

mahatmacat1April 16, 2012

UGH. There's no way around it. We have to do it in our last bathroom. I'm thinking maybe a 40 x 40--it's 38 x 38 now. Would you all mind sharing your best ideas re whether going with a frameless glass enclosure is asking for leak trouble, whether I can keep the drain in the same place if I enlarge the pan, if I do the preslope myself, whether it's worth it, whether there are any premade tile-ready bases for my size, or whether I can cut, say a 48 x 48 down *and* cut a 45 across one corner (don't think so, can I?)

I'm so not able to get enthusiastic about this shower. The tile will be fun, but doing the base, and worrying about the leaking...

what would be your choices in this situation, given that I just can't see a way around it, given the dimensions we're dealing with? Thanks so much in advance for any help or enthusiasm you can share : ) I wish this bathroom would just do itself. It's the *last thing* to do in the house-we're finishing up the pantry and my study, and then we'll have made a sensible place of this remuddled Oregon agate in the rough : )

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40x40 is certainly better than 38x38 as long as it doesn't crowd you at the toilet or sink. However, that will be a custom project involving moving the drain and creating your own pan. However, since you can't muster much enthusiasm for the project and if this isn't a prime used bath,I'd probably just leave it the size it is and see about using off the shelf components for the most part, save for a bit of your interesting trademark tile for the wall. 38x38 is quite acceptable (and a stock size!) as a shower unless it's a master.

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thanks, live wire oak. I think you're probably right -- I shouldn't go for the extra space -- just deal with a 38x38 and focus on the pretty stuff : ) It's definitely used more as a powder room than a shower room, although guests use the shower.

Now I just have to get advice about how to do the glass part the least badly. I know neoangles are a bear wrt leaks if we want to get a frameless...and I do, because I really don't like the cheap feel of the framed enclosure that's there now. Thanks again for talking sense into me : )

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